Blue Christmas by Alyson Reynolds

A Bookworm Review by Ana

Blue Christmas


I give this book 5 stars!

Happy new release Alyson Reynolds

Another amazing book from an amazing author. If you are just like me you will love a good and hot romance.

Have a look at the blurb:

Madelyn Williams isn’t happy about going back to her hometown after five years of self-exile. If it wasn’t for her best friend’s wedding, she wouldn’t ever step foot in that awful place again, but a promise is a promise. The last thing she wanted was to face the people from her past that she would rather not see ever again, including her ex-boyfriend and his horrible mother.
But now she’s back and Ryker is different. He’s gone from being the golden boy of Springbrook, to the bad boy momma’s keep their babies from. And he’s asking her for one week. One week to get each other out of their systems. The only problem is, one week isn’t nearly enough. If Maddy gets involved, she’s positive her heart will be broken again, but one week with Ryker might be worth it.



It’s so nice when an author that we love has a new book and is even better when I can sink my claws and start reading.
If you don’t know this author I really can’t understand what you are waiting for. I honestly don’t know. I can assure you that once you start reading her books you are going to want more and more.
Alyson Reynolds has a simple writing, paused and very heartfelt.
You don’t believe me? So start reading.
Blue Christmas tells the stories of Madelyn and Ryker.
After 5 years of absence, Madelyn is obliged to return to her homeland out of loyalty to her best friend. This city that caused her so much suffering and sadness that she sworn to never come back.
Will her return reopen old wounds? Will she find peace or hell again?
All the reading unfolded so soft that I didn’t want to stop reading. The way the story took was so intense that my heart nearly gave out.
Love, second chances are good gifts as evil and madness.
I’m sorry I can’t tell you anymore because I really hate spoilers.
Want to know a secret? The hot scenes are described in a way that could wake the sleeping beauty. No kiss required, lol.
Alyson each one of your books makes me feel so happy, so special and the bar keeps getting higher and higher. So what’s next up on your sleeve? A romantic story? Or a kinky story?
I really doesn’t matter because whatever that is I’ll read and love it for sure.




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