Peacock by Nora Flite and Allison Starwood

A Bookworm Review by Ana

Romantic Comedy

I give this book 5 stars!


It’s so good when the title can make you smile. Seriously … When you read it and think “What the hell”??? Lol

Have a look at the blurb:

The bet was simple: All I had to do was make a guy fall in love with me in one week.
Normally I’d never take such a crazy dare, but I could REALLY use the cash… so how could I say no?
Then I met him: my mystery date.
Simon “Peacock” Cavanaugh. Or better yet, just call him Simon the C*#k. He’s rude, perverse, and his good looks make me hate him even more.
Falling in love with a guy like him… it might be impossible.
But that’s a relief, because really, why would I WANT to be head over heels for a man that’s more dick than heart? A guy who thinks a good first date is hooking up in an alley?
This simple bet is going haywire.
Simon is a player who says he doesn’t do romance. I know I’ll never let a bad boy like him close to my heart.
What if we’re both wrong?

Peacock is a down and DIRTY romance novel that will make you wonder about online match-making… because are all guys as hot and FILTHY as Simon? 😉 Hmmm.



It’s so good when the title can make you smile. Seriously … When you read it and think “What the hell”??? Lol

I really am a lucky girl because each week I can meet a new author and their work. And guess what?? In this book I had the chance to meet not one but two new authors.

Nora Flite and Allison Starwood are just another amazing authors that I had the pleasure of meeting through their work.

Their writing is funny, sincere, simple and pretty much detailed.

Peacock is told by Tamsin (Tazzy) point of view.

She works on a date web site and through that same site she set up a meeting for herself.

But behind this meeting is a bet made with her best friend, that she could do the boy fall in love with her within a week. The problem is that she doesn’t know what she’s getting into.

While I was reading I boarded on a roller coaster of emotions, I was not expecting this unfold, not at all. What I thought it was going to be a simple and easy story it unfolded into a web of betrayal, treachery and greed.

I loved this book, I liked the way the plot developed. And the hot scenes were something unspeakable, sensual and forbidden.

If this book was so intense written by two authors I don’t even want to think about how wonderful it must be your other books, so I can’t wait for the opportunity to read them too.



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