Redeemed (The Worshipped Series Book 3) by Brie Paisley

A Bookworm Review by Ana


Erotic Romance

I give this book 5 stars!

The perfect ending for an amazing series.

Have a look at the blurb:

I’ve lived in total darkness for as long as I can remember. A dangerous place where pain, love, not even remorse was felt. My world was filled with blood and death until the day I met Karen. Little by little she showed me the way out of that darkness, into her light. She was everything I needed and craved. I learned to fight my darkness, wanted the good side of me to win, until old and new enemies threaten to take away everything and everyone I care about. Darkness is winning and I fear the only one that can redeem me is the one I’ll end up hurting more than I thought possible.
Karen can save me, only if she beats the dark beast inside of me.

Control is the one thing I understand the most. It’s the one thing I’ve depended on to keep my fragile heart safe. That was my life until Jason changed everything. He opened up a side of me I thought had disappeared long ago, and the control I needed for so long doesn’t seem so appealing. There’s a void, a hole left inside me now that Jason’s not by my side. I know his demons. I know his dark beast that dwells within him waiting to takeover completely. I’ve seen it, felt it, and when the monster breaks free, I fear for everyone I love.
He thinks I can save him, but in the end, he’s the only one that can redeem himself.

*Note: This is the final book of the Worshipped Series and is not intended to be read as standalones.*



Oh my sweet mother of God … Seriously??? Brie are you trying to give me an heart attack? I guess you are because the way you finished the last book I wanted to scream.

OK guys, I know that I’m always saying stuff like this but you need to pay attention. If you have not read the first two book from this series you really should because the books are all interconnected and second because this book is the final chapter of Betrayed.

As you already know, and if you don’t I’ll tell you that Brie Paisley has a simple yet very intense writing. The way she can manage to put your heart racing and you head spinning is something else. She’s so amazing that I can’t find the proper word to describe her.

“Redeemed” is the last part of Karen and Jason’s story. And oh boy what a story this was …

They moved on from lovers to enemies to lovers again but at what cost? Their differences were a huge set up on their relationship but did they finally gave up and surrender? Can they find true happiness away from the demons that hunts them? Can danger stay away from their path for them to be able to find happily ever after? Well if you want all this answers you should start reading asap.

And dayum girl, the way you started this book!!!!

My god if I thought the first book was intense this then is something inexplicable. The suspense, crime, betrayal, madness are on a large scale but the love, the passion, the desire, the loyalty come shake it all. And don’t make me talk of hot scenes … OK I speak, the scenes are so hot, so intense, so crazy that you will leave with an urge to reproduce what you’ve read. Trust me, I know what I’m talking about!!

There were parts of this book that I thought I couldn’t handle anymore. It was hit after hit and I was so upset. I know that a good plot needs to have this type of situations but dayum Brie this was too much. Overall I loved every minute and every ups and downs, but I must advise everyone that this book is not suitable for people with heart problems.

Brie Paisley I’ve already told you that I’m a huge fan of your work and this series just reinforced my love for you. I want more books. I want a book about the couple that are mentioned in this last book and I know that you know of who I’m talking about.



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