Blurry: A Bama Boys Prequel by Carina Adams

A Bookworm Review by Ana


Contemporary Romance

I give this book 5 stars!

I always loved a book that could make me dream and this one is something els.

Have a look at the blurb:

Cecelia Merrill was used to being on her own. Lost and lonely, Lia couldn’t wait to graduate and watch her judgmental little town fade behind her. All she had to do was survive three more years of high school, and she was free. She wouldn’t let anything hold her back.

Craig Knightly had almost achieved what no one in his family had before – all he had to do was complete his student-teaching assignment, and in less than a year, he would have a college degree. He was ready to put down roots and start his life. Nothing was going to stand in the way of his dreams.

Sometimes all it takes is a moment for everything you thought you wanted to change.

A student and her teacher. A coach and his athlete. An unexpected friendship. Forbidden feelings between an unlikely pair.

Neither is playing a game they can win.

Full length standalone prequel. This book is intended for readers 18 years and older



Do you know that feeling of wanting more?  Of wanting to keep reading?
Here’s the thing, I’ve started to read this story in another book that was a mix of several authors. When I started to read it I knew instantly that I would love it and I did.  The major issue was that the story was incomplete and I was insane waiting for it because I wanted to know more.  I had so many questions that needed to be answered. And finally my torture ended.
As you know Carina Adams has an amazing way with words. Her writing is simple, pretty detailed and sassy as hell. Wanna find out if want I’m saying is true?  Grab your copy and find out.
Blurry tells the stories of Cecelia and Craig and all book is switched between their points of views.
Cecelia is a high school student and an hockey player. She loves it and she’s pretty good at it. For all her childhood and teen years she has been neglected and needed to step up to take care of herself. She’s super stubborn but a very loyal friend. When her coach enters her life she can’t believe it. Can she accept someone who cares for her?  Can she enjoy being taken care of?
Craig is a senior student as well as coach. He wants to graduate, become a teacher and then start his life.. But when he’s faced with a very stubborn player he can’t imagine the turn his life is about to have.
I could say so much more but I really hate spoilers so my mouth is shut. I can’t say anything else without mess everything.
The story unfolds in a way that makes you want to keep reading and reading. The meaning behind each chapter makes us question a bunch of stuff in out lifes.
The way I felt when I ended this book I really can describe it. I felt a turmoil of emotions that drived me insane. But in the end I loved it.  The ups and downs left me with my anxiety levels super high but it was worth it.
The love, passion, loyalty were very present in this plot as well as madness, envy and jealousy.
I wanted the story to keep going, I wanted more but hey let’s face it,  I always want more when I enjoy what I’m reading.



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