My Cocky Cowboy: An Older Man Steamy Romance by Mia Madison

A Bookworm Review by Ana

My Cocky Cowboy

Steamy Romance

I give this book 5 stars!

Oh sweet mother i’m in love with a cowboy. Wanna find out why?

Have a look at the blurb:

The perfect girl can slam into your heart, your mind, and your d**k and refuse to leave
I’m Shea Butler. Nothing but a rough and ready cowboy
I ride rodeo and bronc bareback and that’s all I need. I never wanted a woman around for keeps – that is, until I set eyes on Dallyce. She’s the feisty little colt I want to rope in and wrangle to the ground under me. And that sassy mouth of hers has my big ol’ hand itching to come down for a spanking. I want to ride her rugged, hard and dirty. Nothing more.

But I have to keep my rough hands off those soft curves. I’m way too old for her and she’s leaving with the other stampede princesses right after the rodeo.

I never planned on getting possessive over Dallyce but she’s hotter than a cattle brander. If I make her mine I’ll have to keep her around for the long haul.
I need to rein it in but this wild and untamed attraction is about to set itself ablaze.

If you croon over an older man instalove story with steamy hot scenes of good loving then My Cocky Cowboy is the perfect standalone novella for a fast read.



Oh boy who doesn’t love a book about cowboys? I know I do and if it’s hot as hell book sign me up for the front row.

The fact that this author was new to me it scared me a little but once I finished it I wanted to slap myself.

Mia Madison knows what she’s doing. She had a very characteristic writing that can be a little complex due to the theme she’s approaching, which makes it very catching and super fun.

My Cocky Cowboy tells the story of Shea and Dallyce.

Shea is the perfect cowboy that loves the life in the farm and the hard work it brings. He is a prankster and a loyal friend.

Dallyce is a simple girl from a very wealthy family. Used to the luxuries she and her sister will spend some days on a farm. They are the Stampede Princesses and so they have to ride from Rodeo to Rodeo to promote it.

When they arrive at the farmhouse and intersects with the wonderful Shea (her words, not mine, lol) she is fascinated. And the rest you need to read because my lips are glued.

My Blessed Mother that book. The whole story unfolded in a manner so subtle which made it a very interesting reading and I’m sad because I wanted more. I loved what I read. I started to like even more the country life and if all cowboys are like him im moving. Lol.

God of heaven the hot scenes are hot and very intense. Oh my god.

Mia Madison if the rest of your books are like this I will become your number one fan.


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