Lust by Leddy Harper

A Bookworm Review by Ana


Contemporary Romance

I give this book 5 stars!

#New Release

When a book an get you hooked since the first chapter it’s a keeper to me. Wanna know why? Have a look at the blurb:

My darkness was born in it.
Her secret was created by it.
My job was immersed in it.
It would either ruin us or save us.

My name is Caden Morgan, and I’m a sex surrogate.
After years of seclusion and fear-induced abstinence, Ivy Jaymes came to me for help. I had done this sort of thing hundreds of times…but she was different.

Ivy’s secrets threatened my own.
Her darkness paralleled mine.
And my obsession for her was sure to break me.

We would either heal each other with love,
Or decimate one another with Lust.



Oh boy I always have chills when I start to read anything from this author.  Wanna know why?  Because the first book that I’ve read from her had marked me in a way that I will not forget.
Do you know Leddy Harper? If you do you totally know what I’m talking about but if you don’t I’ll explain.
Her writing is simple but pretty much detailed. She can put you laughing in one sentence and crying in the next one. She put do much emotion into her books that you will feel every word,  feel every pain or happiness at the sand time as the characters.  You don’t believe me?  Well it’s about time you start to read her work and then we will talk.
And dayum just the prologue let me anxious.
Lust is her newest book and tells the stories of Ivy and Caden.
Ivy is a broken women. She had endured the toughest battles and because of that she’s not sure of herself and she don’t  trust nobody. She wants to feel free and alive but sometimes life isn’t fair.
Caden is a sexual surrogate that help treat people with problems related to sex and intimacy.
When he meets Ivy he didn’t expect her to be that way,  gorgeous and breathtaking but so damaged. He also has a dark past but he try to hide it from everyone.
Can two broken souls help each other?  Can happiness fulfil their hearts and souls?
I can’t say anything else, I can only say that this book is something out of all charts.
My God this story is so intense with a impact so dark that I can’t quite describe it, i can’t manag to find the perfect word that can explain how i’m feeling.
The way the story unfolds will hook you up in a way that you can’t stop reading.
There were parts of this book that I thought I couldn’t handle it simply because they were so breathtaking and I felt that all air had left my lungs.
I should have guessed that Leddy Harper would do this to me. Let’s face it,  all her book are so beautiful and with a valuable lesson to be learned.
Leddy Harper you own me, body, heart and soul.


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