Four under the Mistletoe: A MFMM Menage Romance (Christmas Billionaire Menage Series Book 2) by Tia Siren

A Bookworm Review by Ana

Four Under the Mistletoe: A MFMM Menage Romance

Menage Romance

I give this book 4 stars!

Hot Hot Hot doesn’t even cover it. Oh my lord.

Have a look at the blurb:

I want to give Mandy something really special this Christmas. I’m racking my brain when in walk my old pals, Terry and Tony Wolf, the legendary Wolf Twins. They’re always up for a good time, especially when it involves sex with a beautiful woman like Mandy.

But there’s something odd going on in my chest; a feeling I’ve never felt before. Holy silent night. Santa, could this love-Grinch really be growing a heart? And if so, will Mandy be willing to change her entire life just for me? What if she doesn’t feel the same…

This could be the best or worst Christmas of my life!

I’m not a slut, and I don’t think that I’m a nymphomaniac. I just love sex. And most of all, sex with my sexy-bestie, Christopher Kinsey, the bad boy billionaire who’s been my BFB for ten years.

Christopher always surprises me with the best Christmas gifts, but I never expected to find THREE hot, naked, well-hung billionaires under my tree on Christmas Eve. They barely fit in my king-sized bed at once. Could they all possibly fit inside of me?

Christopher’s the best. I don’t want things to ever change between us…

This is a stand-alone novella telling the story of Christopher and Mandy. If you’d like to read about Patrick, Christopher’s best friend and business partner, then download THREE UNDER THE MISTLETOE. Both stories are related but can be read as stand-alones.
Here’s the link to Three under the Mistletoe:



Oh sweet lord above what I’m about to do?!!! I’m joking I knew what I was about to do and my kinky side was way to excited lol. Hey don’t judge! I’m not saying that I would do it but I love to read about it.
As you already know, since you must be a fan just like me,  that Tia Siren has a very hot writing that could wake up the dead. I’m serious. Wanna find out why?  Just grab it and you’ll see what I’m talking about.
Here’s the thing you should read Three Under the Mistletoe first and then start this one right after.
Four under the mistletoe continues to tell the stories of Christopher and Mandy. Neither one of them wants commitment. They only want to have a good time without attachments, but sometimes what we want can change…
Sweet lord this book is hot just like the first book. The scenes are described in a way that can make you want things…  let’s leave it this way., lol
The thing is that’s wanted more, I wanted the story to keep going and find out more about everyone.
And now what Tia? What’s stored for us?


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