Candy Ever After (Hot Candy Book 2) by Jo Raven

A Bookworm Review by Ana

Candy Ever After

Romantic Comedy MMF Menage

I give this book 5 stars!

If I thought that the second book couldn’t be hotter than the first one I was sadly mistaken. You don’t believe me?

Have a look at the blurb:

“Candy, why is your bed so big?”
“… to fit my two boyfriends when we snuggle together at night.”

Only that’s my father asking, staring at the bed in question.

So yeah. Unruly Jethro and cocky Joel are now officially my boyfriends. My Candy Boys. I moved in with them, and I expected things to be tense, awkward. I was wrong. This feels so right, and well, hot. These boys are SO hot.

But with college starting, Jethro returning to work at the bookshop, and Joel planning to start his own business, everything’s shifting. Not to forget the fact that Joel still hasn’t confronted his parents about our relationship, that Jethro is still recovering from his dad’s brutal attack, and that I feel insecure, well…

Wait a sec. Insecure? Come on, Candy. That’s BS. These boys love you.
Yeah, I know. The boys and me, we’re solid. However, doubt still lingers. I mean, Joel’s parents hate each other. Jethro’s dad killed his mom, for chrissakes—and my mom has acquired a sudden interest in sex toys and escort services.

So I wonder if true love really exists. Love that doesn’t fade over time. You know, the kind that withstands nightmares and bad jokes, unwashed dishes in the sink and lack of lube.
Yeah, that happened.

These boys own me. They’re sweet, sexy and caring—but will they break my heart, or is this our happily ever after?

Author note: This is NOT a standalone novel. It is the epilogue to Candy Boys. You need to read Candy Boys before you read Candy Ever After.
But you’re in luck:
BONUS NOVEL! For a limited time, as a thanks to my readers, I have included Candy Boys (Hot Candy 1) inside this book in case you haven’t read it or would like to read it again before you start on the sequel—only for a limited time.

Note that while both books are novel length, Candy Ever After is half the length of Candy Boys, which means you will reach its end at about thirty per cent as marked on your ereader.



If I was super happy when I manage to read the first book so you can guess the way I was when this book appeared on my Kindle. It’s true,  I was so so happy because I knew without a doubt that this reading was going to be hot as hell.
Have you had the chance to read Candy Boys? If you did you know why I was so happy and if you didn’t let’s just say that you haven’t seen the light!!!  Lol
As everyone knows Jo have a sweet and spicy writing full of details and with lots of kinky stuff, if you know what I mean…
Now let’s get back to business…
Candy Ever After continues to tell the stories of the trio Candy, Joel and Jethro and all book is switched between their points of views.
If you had read the first book you know that they are a trio that love each other, they overcome some obstacles but was it the end? Can they live happily ever after? Things are going to happen that will leave you impatient and afraid that trouble is on the way but I can’t say to much without spoiling. All I can say is that my reading flowed smoothly and so intense. All scenes where described with so much details that it looked like I was near the characters.
If I thought that the first book was hot dayum Jo Raven this book is explosive. The sex scenes are from out of this world.
I’m super happy for the chance to read both books and I have a question!  Jo are you thinking in writing another book about the other characters of the plot? I really hope so


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