Marshall by Kara Hart

A Bookworm Review by Ana


A Bad Boy Romance

I give this book 4 stars!

New Release and let me tell you Dayum… I want to be arrested by Him

Have a look at the blurb:

I promised her I’d never let her go. That’s why I brought these handcuffs.

I love a good chase. I’m practically untouchable, but they’re always staring my way. Women are obsessed with men like me. That’s a given. With a body like mine, it’s a bit like cheating. It’s too damn easy.

From the beginning, I’ve followed my own code. Rule one: Never fall in love with a good f*ck. They’ll only let you down. Trust me. I’ve had my fair share of hardships. Rule two: Always go back for seconds. Easy as pie.

“On your knees with your hands behind your back.”

There wasn’t any warning about a girl like her. My Virginia. She’s the most beautiful woman in this dive bar. Her smile pushes me over the edge. Her body sends shivers down my spine. I have to pull out every trick in the book to get a chance to talk to her.

I’m going to make her tremble and quake.

There’s one major problem. She has something to do with those robberies. But I can’t stop thinking about the way that woman f*cks. She’s been playing me for a fool.

One night in that interrogation room and I’ll have her begging for forgiveness. She should have known. Never fall in love with a man in uniform.

**MARSHALL is a standalone, full length bad boy novel with a HEA and absolutely NO CLIFFHANGERS!**



Sweet lord with a cover like this there was only one thing on my mind…  I was going to read a steamy and hot as hell book and I wasn’t wrong.
As all of you know Kara Hart has a simple, detailed and super hot writing. The way she describes every scene makes us feel like we are in the story, between the characters.
If you don’t know what I mean I strongly advise you to read every book from her and then you will understand.
And the way this book started oh sweet lord…
Marshall tells the stories of Marshall and Virginia and I love when a book has two points of views.
Marshall is a police officer and a very good one.  He’s cocky and super stubborn. When he’s called to attend to a bank robbery he can’t imagine what he’s about to get into…
Virginia is a burglar responsible for the bank robbery that Marshall is investigating. She wants the money to get away from everyone and everything. To start fresh in a new place. But going from wishing to get it real it’s a raw path.
Well I only can say that this book is something else…  The way the story unfolds almost got me insane. It’s the truth. I was so scared while reading some chapters that I thought that everything was going down the drain.
The suspense is so high that it gave me goosebumps. I was super super nervous. And the hot scenes!!!!  Hell yeah they were something else…
The bottom line is that I really loved it,  I lived everything from the prologue to the Epilogue.
And what do I read now Kara Hart? What story do you have hidden under your sleeve?


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