Crash by Lizzie Hart Stevens

A Bookworm Review by Ana


Contemporary Romance

I give this book 5 stars!

From emenies to lovers?? Oh boy what an amazing book.

Have a look at the blurb:

Zane is cocky, a Grade A asshole and the most gorgeous bad boy I’ve ever laid eyes on.

I consider it my personal calling to prove to him he isn’t God’s gift to women. He embarrassed me, he got under my skin. And I can’t let him get away with it.

Until he shows up at my best friends wedding. All wearing his suit and tie, looking like a model straight out of GQ. And even though I thought I’d moved on, our connection was undeniable, the sex unbelievable. It was a night I’d never forget.

We can’t get enough of each other. Each night is better than the last, each touch bringing us closer than I ever imagined possible. Piece by piece he’s tearing down his walls, showing sides of himself I never knew existed.

But when tragedy strikes can we survive the fall out, or will we crash and burn?



What does this title means? An accident? A person? Well I couldn’t quite figure it out and because of that I was super curious. I needed to start reading asap but I couldn’t so it had to wait for a few days,  but once I get the chance I devoured it.
This was the first book from this author that I’ve had the chance of reading and oh boy I want more.
Lizzie Hart Stevens has a simple yet very appealing writing and I enjoyed every minute of it.
Do you know a better way to start a book that with a hot as hell prologue??? I know I don’t. Lol
Crash tells the stories of Brea and Crash.
Brea is a firecracker, sassy and stubborn as hell girl. She has a secret crush for Crash since high school but she never made a move, mainly because he’s a jerk and never noticed her.
Crash is a cocky as hell guy, full of himself, was a typical bad boy in school and continues to be like that growing up. He’s a love ’em and leave ’em kind of guy, no attachments what so ever.
They made an agreement of hooking up on their best friends wedding and that’s it, just pure sex and lust and nothing more.
But here’s the thing, Brea thinks that Crash haven’t notice her when they where teens but she couldn’t be more wrong. Can he show her?  Can he change? Like they say if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck it surely is a duck… And now my lips are sealed. I don’t spoil, so if you wanna know what happens you need to read it…
This book was something else. It’s refreshing, sassy and hot as hell.  The dialogs between the main characters are hilarious and intense.
I loved the way the story unfolded and just like it happened with other books, I want more. Will we have more books regarding the other characters of this plot?
I surely hope so and I’ll be cheering for it because this book had made me a fan of her writing.


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About the author:

Lizzie Hart Stevens is a devoted wife and mother living in beautiful Western Canada.
Her interests include writing, reading, music and tattoos. When she isn’t busy trying to keep up with her kiddos, you can find her deep in her writing cave or buried in a steamy hot read. She’s a sassy one, with a sexy imagination and she cannot wait to share her stories with you.

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