Tempted: A Secret Mountain Man Romance by Anna Wild

A Bookworm Review by Ana



I give this book 4 stars!

I’m so tempted to move to a mountain an see if i can get a guy just like this one…

Have a look at the blurb:


Two loves dominated my life: Allison, who I’d loved since we were kids, and the Marine corp. I wanted to be a Marine, and as soon as I was 18, I was in – and so was Allison, right by my side. Always by my side until THAT mission: the one that took her from me. The one that tore out my heart… the one that made the ring I had ready to give nothing. I knew something had gone wrong with that mission, but my superiors wouldn’t give me any answers, so I left. I couldn’t take the pain, so I headed to the peacefulness of the mountains, to the small town of Adams. Sure, it’s a lot different than Boston, but that’s exactly what I need. It’s pure. It’s peaceful. Life’s quieter there. The locals are friendly. So, I built a bar, and they love it. There’s never been a bar like mine in the small town of Adams. Lots of beautiful women flirt with me, but none of them can reach me until one night, the only woman that could breach my defenses does: she sees my pain, puts a balm on my soul, begins to rescue my heart, gives me belief in love again, my angel… can she save me?


He blew into town – all rage and pain in his eyes. He thought no one could see, but I could. I think I fell for him right away, but knowing how the wounded respond, I just became part of the landscape in that bar he built. All of those other women flirting with him never bothered me, because I could see that it only bothered him. None of them stood a chance. But around me, he began to calm. We would exchange a few words here and there; and the longer I focused on him, the more I fell. I knew I was doomed to love and have not, until one night, the storm outside, matched the storm inside him. I saw his pain, and went to help … and he let me. But will he really let me in all the way?

This is a standalone novel with a BONUS 50,000 word standalone romance novel with a powerful sexy woman – no cheating – hot passionate love – HEA and The Mountain Man who loves all the above



I’m tempted alright… I’m tempted to get this guy…  Just look at this cover… Dayum.. Hot guy indeed.
Another book that made me sweat lol. Almost melted me…
Anna Wild’s writing is simple, intense and heartfelt. The story unfolds nor only raw but smoothly at the same time and because of that I wanted to keep reading and reading without stopping.
Tempted tells Jake’s story.
Jake is a Marine Captain that loves his job. He’s responsible for taking down one of the moat wanted men, a terrorist. He’s a lider and a warrior and doesn’t runaway from a fight. On that mission he lost the love if his life, his best friend, the woman that he was about to propose and after that he wasn’t the same. He seek revenge, he needed to know and find out who was the snitch and he couldn’t continue as a Marine anymore or live in the same apartment. He just needed to get away from everyone and everything.
Can he overcome this? Can he be happy again?
Well to much had passed, to many changes, to many conflicts. I liked this story very much. It was raw, intense and super hot. The characters interact very good with each other and the story unfolded smoothly. There were parts that I was so so angry but there were others that my heart could settle down. I always lived a military story and this was was hot.


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About the Author:

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