Unravel (Club V Book 1) by Gisele St. Claire

A Bookworm Review by Ana

Unravel Me

Erotic Romance

I give this book 5 stars!

What will you do when your family needs you? Fight or give up?


Mr. Vance
My eyes raked over her. The temporary bartender brought into my office because she’d seen the virgin auction room. I took in her delicious curves and knew I needed to have her. Except, I would never see her again after tonight. But, I always get what I want, I’m the owner of Club V and I will unravel her in ways she’s never experienced. I can barely wait to touch and lick every curve of her virgin body.

I assumed the auction room at Club V was just a rumor. Until I walked into the wrong room. I feared being fired but when the guard brought me to Mr. Vance I was instantly a hot mess. He was gorgeous, arrogant, cocky even and I couldn’t take my eyes off the very naked woman wearing a diamond collar standing beside him. The look of lust and sex on her face as he played with her and then the way he watched me, teasing. But, I’d never have to see him again after tonight. That is until fate changed everything… God help me!

If cocky men, virgins and angst are your thing read on..



My Review (1)

There were only one thing that crossed my mind when this book arrived on my Kindle. And that thought was : If this book is hot like the previous book that I’ve read from this author I will need a fan. And a very big one because it will be a very hot book.
Like I said, Gisele St Claire’s writting is hot, sassy, intense and wild. She’s amazing and her books shows just that.
Unravel is the first book from the Club V series and tells the stories of Samara and Mr. Vance.
Samara is a student by day and a bartender at night in a very exquisite Club. It’s not the perfect job but she needs it to pay her bills. One day she step foot in one room and she couldn’t believe it. But then she’s taken to her boss office. And now what? Will she be in trouble?
Mr Vance is the owner of the V Club and is a very cocky guy. He’s used to have what he wants all the time so when the sweet Samara walks in his office he knows only one thing, he wants her and will have her no matter what it takes.
Like I had expected this book is hot. Oh boy, so hot. You will need the  cool yourself. Ah ah ah.
In this book you’ll see that to protect and help the ones we love we will do everything in our power to be able to provide for it. There is no place for doubt, there is only place to love unconditionally till the end. And true love can be found just around the corner.
Although I’m sad because it ended so soon, I just wanted the story to keep going. The raw factor as well as the hot scenes are intense as hell and so explicit.
I want more books from you Gisele. More and more each day


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Author Bio (1)

If you’re into quick, hot and sexy Erotica Romance with a twist then you’ve found the right gal! I love staying up late and watching my characters come to life on paper.

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