Let’s Dance (The Winters Family Series: Book Four 4) by Terra Kelly

A Bookworm Review by Ana

Let’s Dance

Contemporary Romance

I give this book 5 stars!

No matter how you try to avoid love because love always finds a way to get to you. Don’t hide just embrace it.

Have a look at the blurb:

When Shawna Daniels plowed into Danny Winters, she had no clue how much things would change. Dancing had been her life until she gave it all up years ago. Running away from the past was her MO. Juilliard turned her away, her parents pushed her away, now can Danny spin her back towards happiness?

Danny changed his last name to Winters and fought hard to let go of the memories of his past. Working as a firefighter with his best friend was all he ever wanted. For the last two years he has tried to find a way to just hold Shawna, and never expected his past to collide with his future for this once-in-a-lifetime encounter.

When life gives them a chance to move forward, can Danny and Shawna do just that? Can each step they take together push away the past?



Happy, happy oh so happy. I was waiting for another book from this author for a few weeks and I was ecstatic when it arrived. I’m in love with her writing and I can’t get enough of her.
Terra Kelly was one of the authors responsible for my addition for books, lol because every single one that I’ve read I loved from the first page to the last and they always left me with that feeling of wanting more and more.
Let’s Dance is the fourth book from the Winters Family series and explores the lifes of Shawna and Danny. Let’s just say that the fact that this book was written in the third person just made the reading so much more personal and intimate.
I just want to give you a small advice before you start reading this book. I seriously advise you to read the first 3 books from this series because despite they all are standalones it will help you know this family a little better.
Shawna’s love for dancing was everything to her. She couldn’t imagine her life without dance but sometimes things can change drastically. After being turned out by her parents and by her dream school she decides to runaway from everyone and everything. When she meets the hot as hell firefighter she thought that her life could get better but can it? She’s a very reserved girl and is not used to trust mainly because se was severely hurt.
Danny is a firefighter and very proud of it. His life revolves around the firehouse and his team mates but when the beautiful Shawna enters his life… He has some skeletons in his past, just like her, and sometimes the past can come back to haunt us.
Can these two lost souls find happiness together or alone? Can they change their lifes?
I wouldn’t expect less from this amazing author than an amazing book. Like all the Winter series this book is breathtaking and beautiful. Amazing storyline and plot and the feeling behind each chapter makes us feel happy to be reading this book. The interaction between the characters is smooth and intense. There are some scenes that will leave you breathless and others that will get you into tearsin a good and bad way. And of course we have a few hot scenes into the mix like we all love to read.
Terra Kelly promise me that you’ll write more books about this family. Please, I want Georgie and Grant’s book soon.

A teaser:

Amazon US http://amzn.to/2oxwwus

Amazon UK http://amzn.to/2p3KipV

Add to your TBR http://bit.ly/2q2rQwR


About the Author:

Terra loves walking her dog, snuggling with her two cats, and relaxing with her amazing hubby. A steamy romance book is never far from her grasp, and 2:00 a.m. seems to be the sweet spot to finally put a book down and sleep. She laughs loudly, smiles often, is a bit of a klutz, and tries to always find the positive in everything.

Writing was not on the list of must-do’s for her career, but she always had stories swirling around her mind. Now, today she couldn’t imagine her life without writing. She enjoys writing when the mood strikes, and will stay up late to get all her thoughts out.

When she’s not writing, she’s creating recipes and learning all about bourbon and wine. Terra has had a food blog for over five years, at http://www.cafeterrablog.com. That’s why you will find recipes made by the characters in each of her books. Each recipe has been tested and devoured! She considers herself a bourbon and wine lover. Each book will express her love for both types of alcohol, along with beer thrown in the mix.

She loves hearing from her readers, please stop by one of her social sites and say hello!

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