Protection by Jay S Wilder, Kendra Wild and Savannah Knight

A Bookworm Review by Ana


Military Bad Boy Romance

I give this book 5 stars!

Always trust with your heart, don’t close yourself. Belive and follow your desires.

Synopsis (1)

They’ll ask me to kill her, but I’m going to make her mine.

I was raised to kill. With no family ties, the Army trained me and sent me to war. When that was over, the Company hired me for my special skills.

I solve problems. To the Company, that’s what Nicole Hunt has become.

Nicole witnessed a secret meeting. It’s bad enough that she stuck her nose where it didn’t belong. The problem is, she took a valuable piece of technology for safe keeping. Which is why they sent me to watch her.

Big mistake.

All I can do is stare at her mile-long legs and sexy curves. One touch and I’m f**king addicted.

She’s a good girl.
I’m a cold, hard, filthy killer.
Together, we’ll break every rule to keep her alive.

And when it’s all over, I’ll own her.

Author’s note: Protection is a full-length (63,000 words) standalone military bad boy romance, with no cliffhanger and a guaranteed happy ever after ending.



My Review (2)

It’s difficult to choose just one genre to read because there are so many books out there to choose from. I’m sure of what I don’t like but it’s hard to say that I love a genre more then other. So when I have a doubt I just grab that book and start reading it. With this Jay S Wilder I don’t have any doubt of what I like because I intent to read every single one of them. And here is the good news,  this book was written by not one but three amazing authors such as Jay S Wilder, Kendra Wild and Savannah Knight.
They all have a simple, intense and kinky writing just the way I like. Lol. It’s the truth, for me the kinkier the better. And a military bad boy romance is just my weakness.
Protection tells the stories of Nick and Nicole.
Just have a really close look to the cover? Don’t you wanna lick it? I know I do.
Nicole is a computer geek that works in a secret project to the US Army. Not only is she working on a top secret project but also she was caught witnessing a secret meeting. In order to survive she needs to run and hide. But can she hide for to long?  Can she survive?
Nick was trained to be a killer. A man with no family ties to hold him up or to worry him. Whenever the Company asks for His services he just do it without questions but when he’s told to stalk the beautiful Nicole he can’t imagine the turn his life is about to have. Can he jeopardize his career and his life because of a woman?  Can he fulfill his mission?
Oh boy this book is raw and hot as hell. I’m amazed about all of it from the begining till the end. Jeez Louise it’s intense as hell. In this book you’ll find everything, suspense, mystery, deceive, bad people, lies and also love, trust and acceptance.
And girls the hot scenes are raw and explosive.  I was nervous while reading some chapters and also hot reading others. Oh boy if this book is like this written by three authors I can’t even imagine what they have in store for us. Oh boy…

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Jay S. Wilder  writes erotic bad boy and billionaire romance, and dark MFM menage romance that’s all about the woman. The darker, the better. Just the way you like it. Sign up for updates, new releases, free books and hot promotions at

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