Woman of the House: A Dark MMF Romance by Abby Angel

A Bookworm Review by Ana

Woman of the House

Dark MMF Romance

I give this book 4 stars!

Love! Lust! Desire! All words but sometimes words can change you…


My stepbrother makes me sigh. My stepdad makes me sore. Yeah…I’m a lucky woman…

Sure, the two men in my family never got along. After Sloane’s mother died, his stepdad Drake got married to my mother. That marriage didn’t last but it made them my family.

So now they’re both single. And it’s time for me to play.

Which one will I choose?
The strong, silent, alpha who makes me feel protected?
Or the cocky and dangerous bad boy who focuses on my pleasure?

Why not both?

Who knows. Might be kinda fun. Teasing one. Tempting the other. Crossing into a land of forbidden delights…
It’s a tantalizing and delicious possibility that comes into the picture with the three of us.
But people are gonna be jealous and will try to stop us.

It’s a gamble.

If we win, it’ll change our lives forever.
If not, it’ll tear us apart…

Come raise your temperature with this exciting new dark ménage romance – filled with brooding bad boy alpha males and the one woman who can tame them! No cliffhangers, but it’s a scorcher with super-steamy scenes of MF, MM, MFM and MMF. Happily Ever After? You know it.



My Review

Let’s just say that once I saw the cover of this book and read the blurb I was a goner. For real.
I could only imagine that this book would be hot and sexy but oh boy!!?
Abby Angel has a simple, sassy, hot and intense writing that will leave you breathless.
Woman of the House tells the stories of Natalie, Drake and Sloan.
Natalie is a successful woman that started her business from scratch and was well succeed.
She has a crush for both her stepbrother and step-dad but what will happen? Who will she choose or will she stay with both?
Sloan is the typical bad boy that do what he likes when he wants. He can have every woman of the planet but with no strings attached. He’s the ultimate playboy and very proud of it. He’s the CEO of his own company and you can guess the rest… His company needed a new product to invest and Natalie came into his mind. Can he fund her work? Will she accept it?
Drake aka the Shark of Wall Street is the typical alpha male, the one that wants to cherish and protect. He’s a kind soul but sometimes lust can speak louder then comon sense. He’s a wealthy man and that made him untouchable.
Hell yeah let get one standing ovation for this hot as hell book. Dayum I need a big tub with lots of iced water. Jeeze Louise.
The story unfolded smoothly and with an intensity that blew my mind away.
It all started in a way and the then it gave a 360º turn for the hottest.
Oh boy Abby is your other books are like this one? I want more please.




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Author Bio

Abby Angel is actually two dirty angels who got together to write some filthy words. Lana Hartley, when she isn’t writing Abby Angel, writes dark romance under her own pen name as well as contributes to Dark Angel. Alexis Angel, writes erotic contemporary romance under a variety of names – she’s forgotten them all at this point. They both write under Naughty Angel publishing and wanted to create a pen name to provide exclusive MMF content! To receive a free dose of filth from the archives, sign up for the Naughty Angel newsletter

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