Dominic: Cerberus MC Book 4 by Marie James

A Bookworm Review by Ana


Contemporary Romance/MC

I give this book 5 stars!

Family means everything and because of that we need to take care of them. But love and loyalty are also important.

Have a look at the blurb:

Dominic Anderson knows exactly what he wants in life: simplicity, safety, and solidarity with his brothers. He’s vowed to spend each day living his life exactly how he chooses since the day his wife betrayed him and his four year military career turned into twenty.

Returning home after retirement from the Marines, he’s traded the sand in the Middle East for that of the New Mexico desert, Humvees for a motorcycle, and the comradery of men in uniform for the occasional woman at his feet.

Life was perfect until Makayla “Poison” Evans, Renegade MC Princess, knocked on his door, bruises on her face, neck, and arms, and no money to pay the cab driver. Pink hair, perfect body, and a mouth that Dom yearned to teach a million lessons, Mak asks more from him than he’s conceded to a woman in decades.

She needs his help, his protection, and against his better judgment, she expects him to keep her secrets. Only her secrets are deadly, dangerous, and have the potential to start a war between two MCs.

At what point does safeguarding a woman become a betrayal to the men Dominic calls his family? More importantly, can he get back the sanctity of his home once Makayla is no longer in the picture, or will he be forever tainted by her poison?



It’s no news to anyone that this woman is one of my favorite author of all times and I can’t get enough books from her. I know that I’m a selfish girl but I really don’t care. Here’s why I’m the way I am: Every single book written by her made me fall in love even more for her writting and because of that I always want more.
If you know her work you know why I’m the way I am, if you don’t… Oh honey you haven’t seen the light yet, just saying…
Marie James has an intense, simple, heartfelt writing that will leave you breathless in a sec.
Have you ever read the Cerberus MC series? I totally advise you to grab those 3 books first and then read this one because despite they all are standalones the characters will interact in every book.
Dominic tells the stories of Dominic and Makayla.
Dominic is a member of the Cerberus MC. After being retired from the Marines he just wants a few simple things, live in safety without complications or frustrations and to protect his brothers. He can have any woman that he wants but with no strings attached. He vowed to never trust any woman due to the only person who should loved him forever betrayed him in the worst way possible. All went well until one special lady knock on his door.
Makayla is on the run. She was born into the Renegade MC, unfortunately,  and because of that she witnessed several abuses and crimes that that MC had committed. After being severely injured she need help so she goes to seek help with Dominic. Unfortunately she had endured years of beating and abuse and her brother hadn’t done anything to protect her,because he simply didn’t care. But here’s the thing, due to several bad actions, from that MC, no-one wants to get involved. But what will Dominic do?  Help her and betray his brothers? Can he help without loosing himself on the way?
This book is so intense that left me nervous while reading some chapters. Nervous for the well being of the characters.
The story progressed so smoothly, so heartfelt that almost put me into tears. I had cried, laugh and scream at the same time. I was happy and nervous as well. So much was going on that I felt like I was watching a tennis match.
The hot scenes were hot and spicy with a little kinkyness into the mix.
Let’s just say that I loved every single word of this book and I can’t wait for the next book from this series. So please tell me Marie, will we have to wait to long? I sure hope not because I can’t wait to put my claws on that masterpiece.

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About the Author:

Marie James, full-time working mother of two boys and wife of 12 years.She’s spent most of her life lifetime living in central Texas, with only short stays in South Carolina, Alabama, and Florida. Her passions include reading everything under the sun and sewing, although she doesn’t get to sew much these days!.
Writing has always been a passion. She is currently working on her 13th book but has tons more stories to tell!!

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