Billionaire Bash: The Complete Steele Series by Natalia Banks

A Bookworm Review by Ana

Billionaire Bash

Romantic Suspense

I give this book 5 stars!

No matter how odd things seems, what matters is to trust your heart. No matter the bumps in the road because love is in the end of that road waiting for you.

Have a look at the blurb:

The Insanely HOT Steele Series, Now Available in a Full Box Set!
I don’t want anything to do with this auction
I’m all out of options, I’m helpless, poor and my scream queen career is in the toilet This is the only way I can get the money
One million dollars, Can I really go through with it?
He’s tall, dark, handsome, Brooding eyes that pierce my soul, I’ve never met a man so powerful and domineering
He says he’ll take care of me, Protect me, Shield me from the demons of my past
I want to believe him
I want to trust that he can protect me
Control, mastery, bondage
I want to submit to his every command and desire, but outside forces are closing in on me
Can his vast power protect me, or is he my greatest threat of all?
This Full Series Box Set includes: SOLD: Auctioned the Billionaire (Steele Series Book 1), UNREELED (Steele Series Book 2) and PROTECTED (Steele Series Book 3)
Intended for mature audiences 18+ No cheating or cliffhangers HEA Guaranteed
Like it Hot? This Scorching Series will melt your panties off!


This book is a box set but it’s devided in three stories, so I’m gonna post 3 reviews for each story.

#MyReview: SOLD: Auctioned the Billionaire

Well when you got the chance to meet new authors what will you do?  Say Hell no or Hell Yes? Seriously?? You need to think?
Well let me just say that I always, but always say HELL yes because I know that I will love it.
Let’s be honest, if the author in question writes the genre that I love I’ll dig in for sure but if not I politely decline.
Natalia Banks, like you probably had already found out, is a new author to me and let’s just say that I’ll stalk her writing.
Her books are full of mystery, some crime, love and some pretty hot stuff into the mix.
Sold is the first book from the Steele Series and what a book.
This book tells Kerri story and let’s just say what a story this was.
Kerri had a pretty good life, she had a husband and money but one day that ended.
Her arse of a husband messed with the wrong crowd and end up dead. After that she seek for a financial advisor’s help but the guy just run away with all of her money and left her broken and desperate. She needed money, and needed it fast and her only hope was to auction herself in order to get it fast.
Things will happen and let’s just say… Nothing. I’m not saying another word. Lol
Well, I wasn’t expecting this. What a story this was.
Amazing story full of love, kinky stuff and some suspense into the mix.
The hot scenes are intense and will leave you breathless.
Great plot and the interaction between the characters were great. The story unfolded smoothly and quickly.
Now let’s get to the second book.


If I was happy when I started the first book from this series, when I started this one I was ecstatic. First of all because a knew the authors writing and second because I loved the first book.
Unpeeled continues to explore Kerri’s life.
Let me just say that the way this book started left me thinking that I entered the twilight zone. Lol
And that was just the beginning. I’ve seen that the first book has a touch of suspense and crime but this one just give me the chills. Dayum. It’s way more intense and the suspense throw me for the loop. It’s amazing the way the the story progresses. I was so into it that I was shaking.
Jeez. Now I’m scared to start the third one.
But hey… Let’s do it.


What more can I say about this amazing author?
The only thing that occurred is that she’s the master of suspense and Hot scenes…  And that I was a little scared to start this book.
Protected is the last book from the Steele Series and continues to explore the lifes of Kerri and Harden. And what a journey this was.
Things will happen that will leave you breathless and nervous like hell.
Seriously this series was the total package. You will find love, desire, loyalty, kinky stuff as well as hate, crime, betrayal.
I’m still shaking because the suspense level from this book is pretty high.
There were parts of the story that I was a nerve rack, I was shaking and mad. But there were other parts that I needed a fan to cool me off. Just warning you…
Amazing books Natalia,  simply amazing. I can’t even imagine what that pretty head of yours is creating. But whatever that is I want to read it.

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Natalia Banks

About the author :

Welcome Friends,
I’m so glad you found me..
If you’re as obsessed with steamy hot billionaires as I am, you’ve definitely come to the right place!

I love smouldering hot billionaires with an unquenchable appetite for the fearless women they avidly pursue.

Other than my insatiable desire for cupcakes, travelling the world, and reading/writing steamy romances- I often reminisce and daydream about the serendipitous time I met a billionaire in real life! It was hot. Totally unexpected and an incredibly memorable experience. One that’s left me craving for more and giddy in the possibility of the universe.

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