Her Beach Bum (Man Card Book 7) by Terra Kelly

A Bookworm Review by Ana

Her Beach Bum

Contemporary Romance

I give this book 5 stars!

You can hide yourself but you need to trust in love.

Have a look at the blurb:

They say a phone call can change your life. I had to look at my phone a few times because I couldn’t believe what I just heard. I was the winner of a week-long getaway on an exotic island.

The idea of sipping cocktails with one of those cute umbrellas on the beach sounded like something I definitely needed.

There had to be a catch. I just didn’t realize the catch would stand six feet tall and be called Joey.

We were nothing alike. I don’t even know what to talk to him about. But something tells me talking is furthest from his mind.

The man card series is a collection of short stories that are full of steamy romance. You’re guaranteed that perfect happy ending and a cupboard full of sweets from all the cravings.



Who would have thought that sweet Terra could have a kinky mind? Not me. That’s for sure. Her previous books have suspense or sweet stories but this new series of short stories will melt your panties… Just saying…
Her Beach Bum is her latest release and it’s the seventh book from the Man Card series.
But if you want to get into this series, I advise you to read all the books in order. You’ll love them.
This new book explores the lives of Sasha and Joey.
Sasha had won a week-long getaway to an exotic island… Who would have thought that she could win anything? Being a nurse can be brutal and some teamsters would do her good but…
Joey worked as a delivery man at the hospital. He’s attracted to Sasha but he thinks that she’s not interested and one idea popped into his mind…
So sweet, so sexy, so hot and so perfect… All qualities that made this short story a huge one…
I’m a bit mad by the way. Wanna know why? Because it ended so fast… Why? Oh, why?
Fantastic plot, super engaging, intense and hot…
Jesus… This author is trying to kill me…
It was fantastic to see the chemistry this two share.
It was also amazing for the lesson that she had taught us. We can’t judge a book by its cover. Sometimes we have to see past the hardcover… Just saying.
It was a sweet reading that ended super fast.
I want more…
Please, Terra… More…
I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

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About the Author:

Terra loves walking her dog, snuggling with her two cats, and relaxing with her amazing hubby. A steamy romance book is never far from her grasp, and 2:00 a.m. seems to be the sweet spot to finally put a book down and sleep. She laughs loudly, smiles often, is a bit of a klutz, and tries to always find the positive in everything.

Writing was not on the list of must-do’s for her career, but she always had stories swirling around her mind. Now, today she couldn’t imagine her life without writing. She enjoys writing when the mood strikes, and will stay up late to get all her thoughts out.

When she’s not writing, she’s creating recipes and learning all about bourbon and wine. Terra has had a food blog for over five years, at http://www.cafeterrablog.com. That’s why you will find recipes made by the characters in each of her books. Each recipe has been tested and devoured! She considers herself a bourbon and wine lover. Each book will express her love for both types of alcohol, along with beer thrown in the mix.

She loves hearing from her readers, please stop by one of her social sites and say hello!

Author Links:

Facebook Amazon Goodreads Website Twitter Instagram

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