Keeping Denver by Crystal Daniels & Sandy Alvarez

A Bookworm Review by Ana


Mafia Romance

I give this book 5 stars!

It might look like you don’t have a break, but look further…

Have a look at the blurb:

Life has never been easy for Denver Hollis. But at twenty-three years old, she didn’t foresee losing everything, becoming homeless, sleeping in shelters, and sometimes on the cold city streets of New York.
One day, her luck turns. With help from an unlikely friend, Denver lands a promising job as an assistant for Callan Hawk Attorney at Law.
Callan Hawk is an attractive man. He exudes power and sex appeal. He’s also arrogant and, at times, insufferable to work with.
Ignoring the way Callan’s presence and heated stares make her feel, Denver is determined to stay focused and get her life back on the right track.
Little does Denver know, Callan has his sights set on her. After discovering Denver’s secret, he becomes more determined to protect her—make her his. Callan vows to take care of her and give her everything she never had.
Promises are made to be broken. Right?
Now Denver has to choose to walk away from the man she has fallen in love with or trust him with her heart again.



Extra, extra… The fantastic duo have a new release…
Yep, I sound a bit crazy but who cares… No me, that’s for sure.
This amazing duo is responsible for giving me some of the best books ever and I was super excited to start a new book.
It was not my first read of 2020 because I was reading another book at the moment, but when I got the time it was insane…
Crystal Daniels and Sandy Alvarez are the bombs. These two sisters are freaking good genius behind the best books ever.
Their writing is hard and intense, sweet and spicy, unforgettable and raw. Just grab their books and see for yourself.
Keeping Denver is their latest release and explores the lives of Denver and Callan.
Denver had lost everything. She was homeless, jobless and without money. She was forced to seek refuge in shelters to not spend the night outside. She had applied to so many jobs that she lost count and was turned down from everyone.
When she applied to a personal assistant spot…
So freaking beautiful… This book…
It took my heart out, crushed, then glued it back together. It was insane.
Superb plot, very well written, super engaging and intense.
It was one perfect chapter after the other.
There are things that I never learn… Why the hell did I start this book at 11 pm??
Wanna know what happened?? I stayed up all night because once I started to read it I simply couldn’t put it down. I couldn’t nor did I tried. To be honest.
There were parts of the book that I wanted to hold them and promise better days but then there were others that I just wanted to slap someone so freaking much…
We are presented with some hot stuff around the corner… Jeez…
Let me just say that once I realized that the book had ended I was so mad… Mad because I wanted to keep reading… Why?? Why??
This book explores one subject that everyone tries to not see. Homeless. Everyone can see them on the streets but not many have the heart to help.
You see, there are other ways to help them without money being the key. Sometimes a warm close, a meal or even an opportunity can make the difference.
But life is just like this.
Fantastic book Crystal and Sandy. You girls know how to touch our hearts and our souls.
Another breathtaking book and I can’t wait for more.
I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

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Sandy Alvarez

About the Authors:

We are sisters who both share a passion for books. Our obsession for bad boys, alpha males, angst, romance, hot, sexy, and happily ever after has lead us on a journey, a dream to not only read all the incredible stories we love so much, but to write one of our own. Both born in Illinois, then moved to Wyoming, were we spent part of our childhood before moving to Mississippi. Crystal lives in Pearl Mississippi with her husband of twenty-one years, two sons and their two dogs. Sandy lives in Brandon Mississippi with her husband of eleven years, and four kids.

Authors Links:

Facebook Amazon Sandy Amazon Crystal Goodreads Sandy Goodreads Crystal Instagram Facebook Group

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