Addiction by Brie Paisley

A Bookworm Review by Ana


Contemporary Romance

I give this book 5 stars!

When you know…You Know…

Have a look at the blurb:

Desire, lust, and passion all wrapped in the most consuming need.

One night of passion, desire, and being completely dominated, was all it took for Sebastian Matvei to become my newest addiction. He fulfilled my darkest cravings, satisfying me unlike any other man before him. I was hopelessly consumed by him, and I instantly yearned for more of what only he could give me.
My newfound attraction to Sebastian seemed perfect, until his past secrets threaten to rip us apart, and when an unexpected tragedy arises, I’m forced to come to grips with a choice I have to make. I can either let him consume my life, making it what I’ve always wanted it to be, or I can give it all up and make a new life for myself.
When the worst possible news happens how do you move on? Sebastian can either be my savior or the one that ultimately breaks me.




My request was heard because this fantastic author has a new book… Hell yeah…
It’s been a while since I had a book from her to read and I couldn’t start it fast enough.
Brie Paisley is freaking awesome. Her books are not only hot as hell but also super intense.
Each book will make you dream and squirm. Lol
Addiction is her latest release and explores Trixie’s life.
Trixie is a stripper. A stripper that used to love what she did but now… Now something is missing and that something is not a thing but…
What a ride… What a beautiful and steamy ride… Dayum…
It was perfect from the first page till the end.
It was steamy and oh so forbidden.
Perfect plot that Dominated everything. Every emotion, every laugh, every tear… It was perfect.
I can’t say it enough… So here goes… Perfect
The chemistry the main characters shared is so tight and so intense that it gave me chills.
The hot factor was through the roof and it almost burned.
There were parts of the book that I wanted to slap someone so freaking hard… Jeez… Stubborn much??
But then there were others that I saw myself wanting to cry.
It’s always amazing to have a book that can evoke these feelings.
Brie… Oh boy Brie… What a book.
I really missed your writing and this book was the perfect comeback.
But… What’s next?
You already know that I always want more..
I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

A Few Teasers:






Chapter One

Five years before…

My heart pounds loudly in my chest, as I wait.


It’s actually a soothing feeling, and the beat is strong, but yet, erratic. With each thump, I feel a rush of adrenaline pulsing through me, preparing me for what I’m about to do.


Letting a rush of air out of my mouth, I inhale, filling my lungs with the precious air I need to calm myself. I should be nervous, or even terrified of what I’m about to do. Instead, I feel as if I’m riding a high and can’t seem to come down. My body feels electrified, but also, like I’m on edge. It’s the thrill. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before, and I haven’t even done what I’m getting paid to do yet.

The lights hit my back, and I hear the song begin to play. With my back towards the crowd of high-class men, I slowly raise my left hand, and then run it down the gold pole beside me. “Often” by The Weeknd blares through the speakers, as I grip the pole. Walking around, as I keep my hold, I relish hearing those men, calling out to me. My veins fill with another rush of adrenaline, and I grin widely, as it flows throughout my entire body. The pleasure is shocking, but also, so addictive. It’s knowing all of their eyes are on me, calling out to me, and wanting me, even though they can’t touch me.

It makes me feel powerful.
It makes me feel desired.

Most of all, it makes me feel something that I’ve been searching for continually, for a very long time. These high-class men have no idea they’re feeding my inner most need just by being here. It’s something I crave. I want to feel alive, and I also want to feel this slow burn, flowing through me all the time.

God, who would’ve thought that becoming a stripper would be the very thing I needed to fill the void.

Facing the crowd, I let go of the pole, as I flip my hair. Bending at the waist, I move my hips to the beat of the song, loving how with every small move, they yell for more. So, I give them exactly what they want, as I reach behind me and unzip the tight corset. I don’t do it quickly either, because where is the fun in that? No, I do it slowly teasing them, while making sure to keep moving around the stage. Once I’m finished unzipping the corset, I let it fall, and then kick it to the side of the stage. Running both hands up my sides, I bite my lip, as I reach my breasts. Another rush quickly fills me, as I cup myself for my new admirers, even if it’s just through my bra.

I turn, giving them my back, as I reach the pole once more. Grabbing onto it with both hands, I bend at my waist. Grinding my hips, I slowly make my way down to the floor. After all the years of my mother forcing me to take dance lessons, they’re finally paying off.

Although, it’s not in the way that she wanted.

Turning around, I sit with my legs open, giving the men the show that they’ve been waiting on. I have no shame, as I run my right hand down my chest, and then in-between my breasts. Only then do I stop, as I reach my aching core. Dancing for all these strangers, has turned me on, and I don’t want to stop. As I touch myself, through my thin panties, I rotate my hips, while placing a finger in my mouth with my other hand. Letting my head fall back, I get lost in the lust and desire, flowing through me.

It’s hard to stop.
It’s hard to focus
It’s extremely hard to get up and continue.

I’m so hot and wet that I wouldn’t care, if I fucked myself up here on this stage. I don’t care either that all these strangers would see it. In fact, just thinking about them watching me come undone, makes my pussy clench with such force, that I have to suck in a deep breath.

As I push out the same breath, I work the pole, making sure to push down my need for sex, but it’s a part of the gig. It’s also another reason why I accepted this job from Viktor Matvei. I’m sure he has no idea just how badly I need this. At least, not in the way he thinks.

Using all my strength, I pull myself up on the pole and swing around. Using my legs, I grip the pole, letting myself fall back, as I reach behind me once more, unclasping my bra. As I bare myself to the clients, even more catcalls sound, and I hear them perfectly. I don’t hear the music pounding, or my heart thumping in my ears.
It’s just them calling out to me.

Fuck. Me.
That rush.
The satisfaction alone is almost my undoing.

Even knowing all of this, I don’t try to stop myself from becoming addicted to it. I let it happen, because I want to experience this sense of euphoria again.

And again.

This sensation I’m getting just from dancing is quickly becoming an addiction I don’t want to shake.


Walking down the hall, I glance at each of the rooms, wondering when I’ll get the chance to use one for the first time. Each room is specifically for clients that want a private dance. The rooms also have their own sound system, a recliner, and a dance pole. I never thought I would be working here, but so far, I’m loving it. The dark vibe of the place makes me feel at home, as if it’s welcoming me with open arms. Using my fingertips, I touch the black and red walls, as I make my way towards Viktor’s office. With each step, my heels click on the gray tile, and as I get closer to his office door, I realize it’s painted in a deep green color.

Stilling myself, as I reach his office, I take a deep breath, reminding myself not to be nervous. For some reason, Viktor is taking a chance on me. I’m not sure, if he realized how desperate I was for work, or if he just likes offering women jobs. Either way, I’m just grateful for a chance to be me. However, it’s hard to push down the nerves, knowing how intimidating Viktor can be.

When I raise my hand to knock on the door, I stop midair, tilting my head to the side, as I hear two men speaking. I have no idea what they’re saying, since it sounds like Russian. But with the deep tones, and how they seem to be arguing, I wonder, if I should just come back later. Thinking that would be the best option, I turn to leave, but before I fully turn around, the door opens.

“Holy mother of God,” I say out loud, and once I realize I’ve spoken so he can hear me, I quickly shut my mouth.

“You’re the new girl,” he states, as if he knows something I don’t.

The man, standing before me, is not Viktor, but they do favor, as if they’re related. Both men have jet black hair, but his eyes are the deepest color of green I’ve ever seen. They pull me in, seeming to hold onto me with some invisible grip. His nose is straight, and his jaw is hard and clenching. His shoulders are broad, and I bet my entire night’s pay that his muscles are just as impressive. As my eyes make their way down to his perfectly shined shoes, I slowly start to look up, noticing how tall he is compared to me. Even in heels, he towers over me, and I feel small next to him. As my gaze makes it back to his, I instantly get the sensation to look away.

“When I ask you a question, I expect an answer,” he says harshly. Unable to help myself, I shiver, as an unexpected rush begins to flow through me. Just hearing that commanding voice, makes my body feel, as if I’m flying. I thought stripping set my body on fire tonight, but I was wrong.

It’s his voice.
That harsh tone makes me feel so much excitement, then taking my clothes off for strangers did. I don’t even know his name, but I realize I want to get to know more than that. Gazing up at him, my body seems frozen. It’s like I’m waiting for … something from him, but I have no clue what it is, or why I’m acting like this. What’s more alarming is the fact that his deep green gaze has yet to leave mine.

“Viktor, I think your new girl is broken,” he calls out, and I finally snap out of whatever trance he put me in.

Before I can correct him, Viktor comes out of his office and stands beside him. “Trixie, are you alright?”

Clearing my throat, I answer, “Yes. Of course, I’m fine.”

Glancing between them, I realize that Viktor is maybe an inch taller than the mystery man, but the similarities between them are uncanny. They have to be related.
“Good. I won’t keep you long. I want you to meet my business partner, Sebastian.”


His name rolls around in my head, and I have to force myself not to think of him and I together. If he’s Viktor’s business partner, then that means he’s my boss.

Which means, that he’s completely and totally off limits.

“I’m also your younger brother,” Sebastian snaps.

Viktor’s jaw clenches, as his nose flares. It all makes sense now with the sibling rivalry and all. “I’ve got to get going,” Viktor claims, and then turns to his brother. “Show her the VIP room. She’s already been requested for the party tomorrow night.”

Frowning, I ask, “What’s the VIP room?”

“Sebastian will fill you in. Great job tonight, Trixie.”

I’m still frowning, as Viktor walks away, leaving Sebastian and I alone. “Come with me,” Sebastian barks out, and I startle. It isn’t because he scared me.

It’s because my body instantly wants to obey him.

Given no other choice, I follow behind him, as we walk up the stairs, sitting to the left of Viktor’s office. Margo, the club manager, showed me around some earlier, but she didn’t have time to properly show me this room. Carefully walking up the stairs, I make sure to keep my eyes on the ground, instead of ogling the handsome man in front of me. I’ll admit, I do glance once at his ass, before reminding myself how I can’t have him. One would think that would be incentive enough for me to stop having to remind myself not to look at him, but no. If anything, it makes me want him even more.

However, I need this job, so I’ll keep my hands to myself.

Well, for now anyway.

If it wasn’t for my stuck-up mother, I wouldn’t even have to think about working. My father is well known in this state for his expert skills with accounting, and I grew up never having to worry about money. However, all that changed, when my mother gave me an ultimatum, during my second year of college. So, I decided right then and there that I didn’t need her or my father’s money. To this day, I’m still nothing but a prized cow for her to show off anyway.

“This is the VIP room,” Sebastian says, and I almost miss the last step, as he turns on the lights. My eyes widen, as I take in the huge room. It’s an exact replica of the main room downstairs, only there is one stage here. It still dominates the room, and I smile, knowing I’ll be up there soon. “Only a select-clientele book this room, since it’s charged per hour, plus an additional five grand.” Meaning, only the high rollers want this room. “It’s mostly used for larger parties.”

Still taking in the room, I notice the huge sectional, sitting in front of the stage. There are tables and chairs spread out, and there is even a fully functioning bar. Thinking about how large the groups must be to book this room, I ask, “One girl handles all of this?”
“No. The larger the group is, the more girls that we require to entertain the clients.”
“Makes sense.” Turning towards him, I have to open my mouth to suck in air. Fuck. He’s to goddamn good looking. Shaking myself out of his trance, I ask, “What other requirements are there, other than having the cash?”

“They have to be approved by me.” He says, as he places both of his hands in his front pockets. How am I just now realizing what he’s wearing? It must be because I was so shocked by how my body reacted to him. Either that, or how entranced I seem to be around him. The black suit makes him seem more refined and professional, and quite honestly, I really like what I’m seeing.

His eyes narrow at me, and I quickly avert my gaze. “So, you’re the person that runs the VIP room, and then who books them, right?”

“Yes. This is my part of helping run the club, and Viktor handles everything else.”
Keeping my eyes on the wall on the right, I ask, “How long have you worked here?”

After a few moments pass, I slowly look back at him, wondering why he’s ignoring my question. Once my eyes meet those intense green ones, I swallow, feeling my stomach clench with an ache I’ve never felt before. His eyes have me locked down, as if I can’t move without permission. It’s sort of freeing actually, but it shocks me more than anything.

No one, not even one single man that I’ve ever been with, has ever made me act like this before.

Gazing at Sebastian, it makes me want to get on my knees and tell him to do whatever he wants with me. Especially, as he takes a hand out of the pocket of his suit, touching his lip. Fuck, those lips. I never thought a man’s lips could be beautiful, but now, I digress.

I wish I had his lips on mine.
All over my body would be nice, too.

Before I realize what’s going on, he walks over to me, and I begin to pant, as he comes closer. What’s happening here? Can he feel this sudden attraction, too? The look in his eyes tells me that, yes, he can. God, those green eyes shine back at me with lust, want, and need.

I want to fill that need.
I want to give him every single thing he wants.

As he reaches me, I can’t take it anymore. I glance down, unable to hold his gaze any longer. It’s like something inside of me is telling me to look away, and the vibe he’s giving me lets me know that I made the right choice. Honestly, I’m not sure what is going on here, but I sense something in him that I crave.

Like a moth to a flame, I want him to burn me. I want him to do every single thing my mind has ever dreamed about.

When his fingers touch my chin, lifting it to look up at him, I’m helpless not to follow the silent command. Meeting his gaze, my entire body breaks out in goosebumps. A rush of adrenaline flows through me, making me feel as if I’m suddenly warm all over. My stomach clenches with want and need, as my pussy is suddenly soaking wet and ready for him.

All. With. One. Look.

His gaze holds mine for a moment, before I notice his jaw clenching. “Go home, Trixie.” Frowning, I start to ask why, but he quickly cuts me off. “Go. Home. Now.”

My body jerks, as if someone electrocuted me, but I do as I’m told.
I turn, and then I quickly leave.

I do exactly what he commanded of me, and I don’t even wonder why I did it, until I make it to my apartment.



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Brie Paisley

About the Author:

Brie Paisley is a small town gal from Mississippi. She always wanted to write at a young age and was always filling journals with her thoughts and short stories. Brie started with the idea of Worshipped a year ago and with the encouragement of her husband and sister in law, she was able to write her first book. When she is not writing, you can find her reading a good book, painting, scrapbooking, or watching a good movie with her husband and her boxer.

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