The Devious King: A Mafia Romance (The Hale Mafia Book 1) by B.L. Mute


A Bookworm Review by Ana

The Devious King

MC Romance

I give this book 5 stars!

What will you do to get your revenge?

Have a look at the blurb:

“My kingdom isn’t one you find in fairy tales. Instead, it’s built on corruption, lies, and murder.”

Raised by the chief of police, I knew tangling with the mafia leader of Northridge Heights was a bad idea. Yet as I gazed into his dark eyes, I couldn’t resist Teddy’s offer. We made a deal. He helps me find my fathers murderer, and I’ll stand by his side as paid protection. But nothing could protect my heart—from him. I saw a side of him few ever do, and it left me aching for him. Now, there’s a new deal. Stand by his side and reign as his queen. Am I ready to join the seedy underbelly of mafia life, knowing one among them murdered my father?

When I made the chief of police a deal, I never knew he had a daughter. After his death, I felt compelled to watch over her and keep her safe. Somewhere along the way, I fell in love. But helping her fit into my world wouldn’t be easy. She had to be trained. Groomed. Educated. To my great relief, my beautiful Charlie exceeded my wildest expectations. Still, I live in fear that if the secrets I’ve kept come to light, my queen will become my enemy.

IMG_1847 (1)


There are two genres that can make me let go of everything to read them. They are MC and Mafia.
These two are my top favorites and I can’t get enough.
When I read this blurb I knew that I needed to read it.
It was so appealing and the need to know of more was super strong.
To top this, I had the chance to meet a new author and I couldn’t be more happy.
B.L. Mute is a new author to me and let’s just say that I’m hooked. Her writing is raw and wild, dark with a touch of the unknown.
Oh boy…
The Devious King is her latest release and it’s the first book from The Hale Mafia series.
This new book explores the lives of Charlie and Teddy.
Charlie’s life was a normal one until the day her father was murdered. She needs to find the assassins even if, for that to happen, she needs to make an alliance with a Mafia lord.
Teddy is a mafia lord and a very powerful man.
When he finds out that the chief of police, the one he had a deal with, had a daughter he promised to protect her. When she asks his help…
Seriously??? Are you f*** kidding me???
Why? Why? Why?
I was so freaking mad when this book ended… Seriously?
Mad not because the book wasn’t good. On the contrary, it was perfect and that ending… Why?
Oh my lord why?
One minute things were in a way and then bam it turned… Like 360 degrees turn…
I’m so mad…
Superb plot, very well written, super engaging, super dark and mysterious.
The way it started I wanted to scream, Dayum, stubborn much?
These two were perfect for each other and I loved every single chapter.
We have some dark stuff but also so hot as hell scenes. Oh yeah.
It was another perfect mafia book and I can’t wait for the next one to arrive.
You heard me… The next one
B.L. Mute… I’m mad… So mad at you… But I’m also super happy for the chance to read your work.
Gimme the next book soon… Please…
  I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

A Few Teasers:


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IMG_2323 (1)



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B.L. Mute

About the Authors:

BL lives in north Texas with her husband and three children. She enjoys writing different sub genres of romance, and building flawed and broken characters. You can most likely find her mommy-ing, watching her husband cook (because she is a horrible chef), getting tattoos, or walking into the pole you’ve told her to watch out for. She loves interacting with her readers and other authors in the community. Friends and family classify her as fierce, loyal and ditsy at times.

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