The King: Bratva Blood Book 1 by SR Jones

A Bookworm Review by Ana

The King

Mafia Dark Romance

I give this book 5 stars!

Darkness will consume you…

Have a look at the blurb:

They say all is fair in love and war, but he never played fair…

They call him the king.
He’s not my king.
He’s my tormentor, my captor—my secret dark desire.

In the brutal Bratva world, to be a king means to wage endless war.
I’m about to be collateral damage.
I must hope my captor wins as the alternatives are horrific.
After all, to the victor goes the spoils.

This is book one in the Bratva Blood duet. This is a slow burn, Bratva romance, and both books are full length novels. There is also a free prequel that introduces the world.
The reading order is:
The Soldier: Bratva Blood Prequel
The King: Bratva Blood One
The War: Bratva Blood Two
Please note this is a dark romantic suspense and trigger warnings do apply.



Oh my lord… You can’t imagine how I was feeling when this book entered my tablet.
I was left feeling anxious and super curious for what was about to come and… Oh boy.
SR Jones has given me the most intense Mafia books from history and I can’t stop thinking king about them.
I can’t stop wanting more. I need more.
Her writing is raw, wold, dark and super intense. Just see for yourself.
The King is her latest release and it’s book 1 from the Bratva Blood duet.
This new book explores the lives of Konstantin and Cassie.
Konstantin had a terrible childhood that made him the man he is today.
He’s dangerous and vicious when he needs to be.
He doesn’t take shi*** from no-one and you better not cross him.
One look at Cassie and he knew he wanted her.
Cassie had a terrible childhood after her father left. Her mom got depressed and she spent some time in foster care until hard grandparents took care of her.
Studying wasn’t in the cards for her so she needed to get a job. She got her diploma and work she went.
Now she has her dream job but her ex ruined it for her.
And advise, to know more about these two, read the free prequel The Soldier. This book will explain these characters’ backgrounds better.
Trust me on this.
And it’s over…
And I’m mad…
So freaking mad…
Why? Why? Why?
Superb plot, very well written, super dark, super engaging and super intense.
It was a bumpy journey, that’s for sure.
I knew that this book would be like this, due to the prequel but I wasn’t expecting all of this.
The hate, the pull, the love, the betrayal… So many emotions that I almost couldn’t handle them all at once.
Once I started to read this book, I simply couldn’t put it down.
This is the perfect story to leave you breathless and on your toes.
The push, the pull was getting on my nerves. But in a good way, of course.
I saw myself reading good at 3am. I was so into the story that I didn’t saw that it was ending…
And now… Now I’m waiting and I need more.
Seriously SR Jones? Why? Why?
I need the second book… ASAP
I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

A teaser:



I start as a figure comes into focus through the cloudy, wet glass. Konstantin. What a name! He could be a character from one of my grand novels. He’s not. He’s a customer here at the coffee shop. A regular. He comes in most days during the week, and each time my stupid, naïve little heart beats double time. The first moment I saw him, I felt it, the wildness within me stirring, clawing to be free. I crave the moments he comes, but I also dread them. I dread them because the way he makes me feel with one look, a sideways glance, or a flash of a smile is so much more than how my boyfriend makes me feel with his deep declarations of love, his kindness, and his care. My traitorous soul yearns for a man I barely know, above my lovely, thoughtful boyfriend. A man who probably isn’t very nice. Konstantin is dangerous. I understand this despite not knowing much about him. The way he carries himself tells you that he’s not a man to be trifled with. He has more magnetism in his little finger than most people have in their whole being. He’s somehow regal as if he’s a monarch and everyone else mere minions, but he’s rough too, and it’s a fascinating juxtaposition.


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Skye Jones

About the Author:

Hi Guys. I’m a UK based author who loves to read and write all things romance.

As Skye Jones I write steamy paranormal romance.

As S.R. Jones I write darker, contemporary romance and romantic suspense.

One thing my books have in common are tortured alpha heroes that are oh-so-redeemable!

I live in Yorkshire, and get lots of inspiration from the windswept moors, the old stone buildings and the Celtic myths of this fair isle.

My dogs are my favorite people, although I tell my husband I’m quite fond of him too 😉

I love chocolate and Starbuck’s Mochas and keep meaning to give them up for a life of yoga and fresh juices, but it never happens!

Author Links:

Facebook SR Jones Facebook Skye Jones Reader Group Website Twitter Amazon

Goodreads SR Jones Goodreads Skye Jones

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