The Hitman (The Hitman Series Book 1) by Ellie Isaacson

A Bookworm Review by Ana

The Hitman

Mafia Dark Romance

I give this book 4 stars!

Sometimes your true love is right in front of you.

Have a look at the blurb:

She was the daughter of my worst enemy.
I was the hitman hired to take her out.

When the contract hit my phone, I thought it was fate. The broken, frightened girl who got away. The one who lied about who she was and disappeared without a trace.

Now I had a second chance. There was no doubt I’d do everything to keep her safe, both from my family and the man who wanted her life.

As secrets were revealed, lives were put at risk. But life had taught me there was no running from death.

It might have been fate that brought us together, but it was her past that would tear us apart.




So, here I was, about to start a new book with two things that I loved.
First, it was a Mafia book, yep, you know that’s my weakness, and second, it was from a new author.
That’s a bonus I think.
A book from a new author can have its risks because I might not like the way the author writes and I might not like the plot, but it’s a risk I must take.
If the blurb is any indication, I will love it. That I’m sure.
Ellie Isaacson is a new author to me and let’s just say that I’ll be stalking her.
Her writing is raw and dark, intense, and dangerous, all the things that I love in a book.
The Hitman is the first book from The Hitman series and explores the lives of Lia and Yanny.
Yanny is a hired Hitman that doesn’t fail his jobs.
Something in him awakes when he first sees Lia, but she just vanishes and the need to find her is super strong.
When he gets a call with his next job…
Lia life hasn’t been easy. She has suffered tremendously at the hands of the ones who were supposed to protect her.
Darkness, darkness surrounded this book from the beginning till the end.
It was a heavy reading that I couldn’t have missed.
Great plot, well written, but there was one thing that bothered me. The phrases in a foreign language weren’t translated, and I saw myself googling it to find out what they were saying.
For me, that was the only thing that bothered me.
Like I already said, this book is surrounded by darkness as well as mystery.
One minute things are in one way, and the next it disappears or changes.
We have some hot stuff as well but the danger lurked in every shadow.
Crime, punishment, betrayal, torture are very present in this book.
Now I can’t wait for the next one.
Great job Ellie Isaacson. It was perfect to read and I can’t wait for the next book.
I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

A  Few Teasers:






“Yanny.” My name was a whisper. A plea from deep inside. Warm lips touched mine. Gentle. Tentative. A nip of teeth, the tip of her tongue. She whimpered as she rose, her body hugging me tight. Again as she sank, swallowing me whole. I kissed her back, tasting that mouth, that tongue. Swallowing the moans that shook loose, breathing my own pleasure back into her mouth.
A push and pull.
This was my heaven with a side of darkness. The taste of good with a touch of bad. I wanted, needed, this woman around me. Surrounding. Hugging, pulsing, wetting, kissing.
The light after death, chasing away the dark.








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About the Author:

Ellie Isaacson has been an avid reader her whole life, but a couple years ago she had a dream that she just couldn’t forget. She cultivated that dream and began writing, which became a dream of a different sort. Ellie is thrilled to be able to share her passion with her readers. As an accountant and an author, she slings numbers by day and words by night. She’s also a wife and a mother of two amazing boys.

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