Jax (Knight Attack Book 1) MLJ Quigg

A Bookworm Review by Ana


Contemporary Romance

I give this book 5 stars!

When your heart knows…it knows…

Have a look at the blurb:

Rock royalty.

That’s what people call me.
But all it took was a single phone call to bring me to my knees.

Five years later, my life has changed irrevocably forever.
Though someone lurks in the shadows threatening to tear all that I love apart.
An obsession of the worst kind.

Can I keep the woman I love safe?
Or will everything burn to ash…

Can be read as a standalone but characters from other book series make cameo appearances. To have a better knowledge of who’s who it is recommended to read these before Jax.

Mike (Henderson Security Book 1)

Thor (Thorny Devils Book 1)

Hulk (Thorny Devils Book 2) 


It’s been a while since I had a book from this author to read and I was curious to see what was in store for us.
Her last book caught my attention and o was having super high expectations.
MLJ Quigg has raw writing, filled with hotness and some mystery.
Let’s just see.
Jax is her latest release and it’s the first book from the Knight Attack series.
This new book explores the lives of Jax and Layla.
Jax is the lead singer for the Knight Attack. He’s well known by every fan but that can be a curse.
Layla lost it all because of a man and needed to relocate to a new town to start over. She’s a live-in nanny a job that she loves. She loves the kids, not the parents. Lol
One night when she answers the phone…
It was an amazing book, and I really enjoyed it.
Amazing plot, well written, engaging, and hot.
Oh boy. So hot.
The story started slowly and quickly it evolved.
I saw myself glued to my kindle and reading non-stop.
Chapter after chapter I saw the need to now more getting bigger.
It was a sweet story with some hotness into the mix.
The characters worked perfectly with each other and I wanted more.
And now that it’s over, I really want more from the rest of the band as well as from these two.
Great book MLJ Quigg. Wonderful book.

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book. 

A Few Teasers:


“For curiosity’s sake, how did you get my number?”
“I got your number by pushing random numbers on my cell, and it rang. Thanks for answering and being so good about it. A family meeting sounds like a good idea. What’s your name?”
“My name is Layla. What’s yours?”
“Jaxson, but everyone calls me Jax.”
God, that voice, it was like butter. So seductive and smooth. Deep and gravelly but had that sexy rasp to it that musicians usually have. I could imagine the man behind the voice, and that made me tingle between my legs. Fuck! I needed to get laid if his voice alone was turning me on.
“What do you do, Jax?”
“I’m in a band.”
Okay, that was cool.
I wondered what Jax did in the band. Did he play the guitar? Play the drums. Or was he a singer?
With that voice, my guess? He was a singer. How famous was he? Who knew.
“That’s amazing, Jax. What’s the band’s name?”
“Knight Attack.”
Hooolllyyy. Shit.
No fucking way.
This had to be a joke.
Knight Attack was massive.
They were the biggest breakout band in Australia, and they had only recently gone worldwide with great success. I used to listen to them in Australia, well, I still listened to them. Everyone knew back home that I was a massive fan of the group. This had to be a practical joke. My guess? My brother was behind it. Bobby would do anything to get me back home.
“Fuck off! No way! You are not Jax from Knight Attack. Who is this, really? Did my brother put you up to this? I bet it was Bobby. Tell that meddling brother of mine I am not falling for it, and I’ll come home when I’m good and ready. Jax from Knight Attack? Ha-ha, really, I wasn’t born yesterday,” I ranted.
Yeah, I was on a roll. My mum and brother, Bobby, had been hounding me to stop sulking and come back home. Like I wanted to be in a small country town in the middle of Australia where everyone knew everyone and what you ate for breakfast, especially after what had happened to me. The biggest humiliation of my life so far. No, thanks. Jax interrupted my internal dialogue as he said, “Okay, I’ll prove it. Tomorrow morning, we are on Good Morning America at ten. I’ll say your name and dedicate a song to you. If you’re watching and believe me, ring me back on the number you now have on your phone. I gotta go, though. We’re about to go on.” Then he hung up.
He. Hung. Up.
What the fuck just happened?


Universal: http://mybook.to/MLJ_Quigg-Jax
Amazon US: https://amzn.to/3llorGZ
Amazon CA: https://amzn.to/2QtCTP3
Amazon UK: https://amzn.to/3hySnwZ
Amazon AU: https://amzn.to/2Qwqmuk

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M.L.J. Quigg

About the author:

MLJ lives in NSW, Australia, with her husband, three adult children, and six cats—yes, you heard that right, six.

Growing up in a huge family of eight kids was always noisy and didn’t give her enough alone time to unwind.

Books have always given her an outlet from the craziness that is her life. Nothing is better than curling up with a good story to take her mind off her surroundings.

As a new author, she hopes you enjoy her stories and that they help you get out of your world and into hers for a few hours.

Author Links:

Facebook Goodreads Amazon

The Sins of Saint: A Dark Romance Novel (The Sins of Saint Book 3) by Bella J.

A Bookworm Review by Ana

The Sins of Saint

Dark Romance

I give this book 5 stars!


Have a look at the blurb:

The Sins of Saint is the third and last book in this dark romantic series by International Bestselling Author Bella J.~ 

~ Mila ~ 

Secret. Captive. Wife.

I had my role to play in this war. He made that clear from the start. No matter what happened between us, his hunger for revenge kept raging. Not even an act of God could change that.

But his walls are crumbling, his defenses crippled. He says I’m his weakness, the pawn that will force him into checkmate.

He says I changed everything, and now he wants to bargain with my freedom.

Problem is…I no longer want it.

~ Saint ~

Liar. Devil. Husband.

It started out with a well-thought-out plan–an orphan heir, a wife, and a bulletproof plot for revenge. Everything was lined up perfectly, and all I had to do was knock down one more wall then sit back and witness my father’s entire empire fall.

But fate intervened and took my finger off the trigger. Now I’m able to see more than just the sharp, bloody edges of vengeance.

I see her. The woman who changed everything. My wife.

She ran from me once, and I found her.

A mistake I won’t make again.

Author Note: The Sins of Saint should be read after The Fall of Sin. This is a dark romance and contains scenes that might offend sensitive readers. These characters are flawed with corrupted hearts and questionable intentions. If you’re looking for a sweet romance with a gentle hero and a kind heroine then this series is not for you.


Freaking finally… Finally, this book had arrived and it was hard not to start reading it right away.
This week has been brutal and the time to read was null.
It was torture to have the book ready and not be able to start it right away.
But finally, that time did come and I couldn’t read it fast enough.
I was a mess because, on the one hand, I wanted to devour this book quickly, but on the other hand I didn’t want it to end.
What should I do? To read or not go read… That’s the question.
Bella J has this effect on me for each and every book that she writes. Her words will kill you and save you at the same time.
Her writing is raw and dark, suspenseful, and emotional, all at once.
The Sins of Saint is her latest release and it’s the third book from The Sins of Saint series.
But I must tell you something. This series is not a standalone therefore you must read The Rise of Saint, then The Fall of Sin, and only then The Sins of Saint.
This new book keeps exploring the lives of Saint and Mila.
Saint, as you know, is one man that doesn’t take shi*** from anyone. What he wants he gets and one day he wanted Mila.
Mila thought that her life was normal like everyone else until Saint crossed her path.
Oh boy. To say that I was left speechless is the understatement of the year.
I’m marveled with this series and this last book just culminated it.
Superb plot, very well written, super engaging, and intense.
Some parts I wanted to scream and really hurt someone, but then, there were other parts that I wanted to hold them and promise better days.
It was infuriating sometimes… Jeez… Let’s talk about two stubborn people…
Guys… Ahem… Hot stuff alert… Hot hot hot.
Just go see for yourself… Dayum…
It was nearly impossible to stop reading because the need to know more consumed me…
It was one perfect chapter after the other.
Bella J… Oh sweet and twisted Bella J. This series nailed it.
And I need more. Please.I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book. 

A Few Teasers:


Amazon: http://mybook.to/SinsOfSaint

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In the series:

Rise of Saint
Amazon: http://mybook.to/TRO
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Amazon: http://mybook.to/TFOS
Free with KU
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Bella J

About the author:

All the way from Cape Town, South Africa, Bella J lives for the days when she’s able to retreat to her writer’s cave where she can get lost in her little pretend world of romance, love, and insanely hot bad boys.

Bella J is a Hybrid Author with both Self-Published and Traditional Published work. Even though her novels range from drama, to comedy, to suspense, it’s the dark, twisted side of romance she loves the most.

Author Links:

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The Queen (The Hitman series Book 3) by Ellie Isaacson

A Bookworm Review by Ana

The Boss

Mafia Dark Romance

I give this book 4 stars!

Follow your heart and not your head.

Have a look at the blurb:

We connected in an instant.
Fell the moment we met.
Lived in a fantasy world where our bodies became one and nothing else existed.
But when reality intruded, that world came crashing down.

Life beyond the walls I’d sequestered myself behind summoned me, and I knew things would change.

There were things I hadn’t told him. Things that would change the way he looked at me. But as the truth came out, my world went to war against my greatest enemy, and it was his secrets that put everything that mattered most at risk.

The question was, would we both make it through unscathed, or would one of us have to make the ultimate sacrifice?


The book I’ve been waiting for is here and I couldn’t start it fast enough.
I really love Mafia books and this lady has given me two books already. Oh boy.
Ellie Isaacson is the author that I’m talking about and her writing is super raw and wild.
Just give her one chance and you’ll see for yourself.
The Queen is her latest release and it’s the third book from The Hitman series.
If you want and advise, read The Hitman first, then The Boss, and only then read this new book.
This new book explores the lives of Mateo and Queenie.
Mateo had tragedy marked his childhood but that didn’t make him less than a strong man. He knows what he wants and will take it if necessary.
Along with his brother and sister, that have a small business. But not your ordinary business, it’s more like kill on demand.
This book starts, 5 years early, with him seeking revenge for…
Queenie is one hard woman that will do everything in her power to achieve whatever she wants.
When she made a promise she would do everything she could to achieve it. No matter what.
One failed job and…
Great plot, super engaging and dark.
This book was exactly what I was looking for.
It had suspense and mystery all over.
One minute things were going in one way the then it changed dramatically.
I was laughing and then I was almost into tears.
It was great to have all the questions I wanted answers after reading the first two books.
So much was happening and I couldn’t stop reading.
Nor did I wanted to, if I’m being honest.
If you’re a lover for a dark romance, grab this series and see for yourself.
Don’t forget to read the first two books and only then read this one.
You will love it. Trust me.
Ellie… Amazing girl. This book nailed it and I’m eager to read the next one.
Will you take too long? God, I hope not.  I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.  

A  Few Teasers:


Amazon: https://amzn.to/36YA7Zu
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In the Series:


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About the Author:

Ellie Isaacson has been an avid reader her whole life, but a couple years ago she had a dream that she just couldn’t forget. She cultivated that dream and began writing, which became a dream of a different sort. Ellie is thrilled to be able to share her passion with her readers. As an accountant and an author, she slings numbers by day and words by night. She’s also a wife and a mother of two amazing boys.

Author Links:

Facebook Facebook Group BookBub Twitter Amazon

Goodreads Instagram

Devlin (Dirty Aces MC Book 2) by Lane Hart and D.B. West

A Bookworm Review by Ana


MC Romance

I give this book 5 stars!

You’ll find your soulmate when you least expect it.

Have a look at the blurb:

As one of the enforcers for the Dirty Aces, sometimes I have to hurt people. Using my fists to get results is not something I enjoy – it’s just part of the job. My loyalty will always be to the MC and no one else.

So just because Jetta James is a hot as hell girl I once hooked up with at a rock concert, it doesn’t mean I can give her brother a break on the gambling debt he owes to the Aces.

When Jetta finds out I’m a member of the MC, she thinks I’m bad news; but her brother Sean is the one drowning in his bad decisions.

And the day Sean makes a stupid deal that puts Jetta’s life in danger, I’ll beat, maim, and kill every asshole who stands in my way in order to save her, even her own brother.


Love can’t describe how much I love MC books.
It’s this all-consuming passion that I can’t get enough.
And let me tell you that I’ve read my fair share of these books.
But want to know a secret? I can’t get enough.
Lane Hart and DB West have created one hell of an MC series and I want to read them all. All…
Their writing is hot, wild, and forbidden with a touch of suspense in the middle.
Just go see for yourself.
Devlin is their latest release and it’s the second book from the Dirty Aces MC series.
But I advise you to read Malcolm first and only then, read this one.
This new book explores the lives of Devlin and Jetta.
Devlin is one of the enforcers for the Dirty Aces and that’s not an easy job.
He will do everything he can to protect his club even commit a crime.
When he needs to collect a debt for his club…
Jetta thought she had it all, a job, her boyfriend living with her until all turned out a nightmare.
Needing to start fresh and get away from her lazy boyfriend she moved back to her hometown to live with her brother until she could be on her own.
One night stand after a concert…
Oh lord… What a book.
It had it all…
A perfect plot, and intense chemistry, and some mystery.
These two were made for each other and you will feel it with every page you read.
It starts wild and keep going to even wilder.
Oh boy, the hot factor is high as a kite…
Hot hot hot, so you need to get ready.
One second things were going smoothly and then bamm… It changed.
Overall it was another fantastic book that everyone should read.
Great job Lane and DB. Another perfect book that left me wanting more.
What’s next?

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.   

A Few Teasers



“So, are you a fan of Wasteland Authority, or did your boyfriend drag you here tonight?”

“Oh no, I’m a huge fan of Wasteland, and I don’t have a boyfriend.”

“Prove it.”

“What?” I ask between sips of soda. “How do I prove I don’t have a boyfriend?” I ask as I start to think that he’s trying to flirt with me. 

“No, prove you’re a fan of Wasteland Authority. Who’s the lead singer?” he asks.

“Easy – Rob Lawrence. The band’s first album was Wasted Talent back in 2010. They’ve had three albums since but haven’t released a new one in over two years. My favorite song is “Ripped Open.” My second favorite is impossible to choose from since I love every song on Wasted Talent.”

“Holy shit! Me too!” the guy exclaims. “What are we waiting for? Let’s get moving and see how close we can get to the stage.”

“Oh, um, I don’t have a Very Important Prick pass like you,” I tell him. “I’m sitting over there in the grass with my friend and her boyfriend in the cheap lawn seats,” I say as I point out the way.

“No. No fucking way,” he grumbles. He tips back his beer, finishing it off before tossing it in one of the recycling bins. “Come on,” he says, grabbing my arm that’s not holding my soda and dragging me away from the concession stand.

“Where are we going?”

“I’m gonna sneak you over into the VIP section. Then I’m gonna put you on my shoulders, and you’re gonna flash your tits to get us to the front of the stage.”

“Oh my god! You’re insane!” I tell him with a bark of laughter. That plan of his is beyond crazy! “There’s no way you can get me past the guards without a pass!” “Wanna bet?” he asks, waltzing right up to the man standing at attention in a yellow shirt and black pants, the standard guard uniform at the VIP entrance.


Universal Link: https://mybook.to/DirtyAcesDevlin

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In the Series:

Amazon universal: https://mybook.to/DirtyAcesMalcolm

Add to your TBR: https://bit.ly/2AlAf94

About the Authors:


Lane Hart

New York Times bestselling author Lane Hart has more than a dozen steamy stories currently available on Amazon. Sign up for her newsletter to receive updates on new releases and promotions: http://www.lanehartbooks.com

Lane lives in North Carolina with her husband, author D.B. West, their two daughters, a few lazy cats and a pair of rambunctious Pomeranians. She has a Masters in Criminal Justice and spent ten years working as a paralegal for a criminal defense attorney before walking away to become a full-time writer.

In October 2015, the paranormal romance anthology Wicked After Dark, including her standalone, Let Him Reign, hit #13 on the New York Times bestseller list. Since then she’s been climbing the Amazon charts with hot new releases. So whether you’re looking for MMA superstars, hot cops, arrogant football players, hilarious vampires, sweet millionaires, or romantic weddings, there’s a little bit of something for everyone.

Lane loves to hear from her readers on Facebook, Twitter, on her website, or by email!

Author Links:

Facebook Goodreads Amazon Website Twitter

D.B West

D.B West is an indie author currently residing in the southern United States. He writes across a variety of genres, including science-fiction, fantasy, romance, and mystery novels. His most recent project is a collaboration with author Lane Hart, the New York Times best selling author of “The Cocky Cage Fighter” series. Together they will be releasing the first book in their Savage King’s MC romance series, titled “Chase”, on June 26th, 2018.

Author Links:

Facebook Goodreads Amazon BookBub

Endless Summer – A Summer Romance Anthology

A Bookworm Review by Ana

A Summer Risk

Contemporary Romance

I give this book 5 stars!

Sweet and sweet…

Have a look at the blurb:

Dreaming of love this summer? Come on a summer romance adventure you will never forget.
Our incredible authors have come together to bring you contemporary romance stories you’ll fall in love with!


Review for A Summer Risk by Brie Paisley

It’s always wonderful to have a book from this lady and to that be a part of an anthology it’s the icing on top of the cake.
Brie Paisley has given me some pretty stellar books and I could affirm, without reading it, that it’s going to be a success.
Her writing is hot and sassy, wild, and free.
Just give her a chance.
A Summer Risk is a new book that I’m talking about and it’s one of the many stories that belonged to Endless Summer Anthology.
This new book explores the lives of McKenzie and Jackson.
McKenzie had to start fresh. She recently got her divorce and now she sees herself trying to gather her life back. She had set her goals but something was missing.
On one assignment for her job…
Jackson owns one of the most popular restaurants in Santa Monica and he’s a well successful man.
When he allowed a photographer to capture some pictures for a magazine he couldn’t imagine that she would also capture his heart…
And it was a quick reading that left me wanting more and more.
It felt like I didn’t had enough and wanted so much more.
This story was perfect in every way minus one. It was so small. I really wanted more.
Sweet plot, well written, super engaging, and intense.
It was a beautiful story that I enjoyed tremendously.
Great work Brie. Can’t wait for more from you.
Now I think I’ll venture out to read the other stories from this anthology.

 I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book  

A Few Teasers:


Universal Link: https://books2read.com/u/47XxBA

Add it to your TBR: https://bit.ly/320jgDy

Brie Paisley

About the Author:

Brie Paisley is a small town gal from Mississippi. She always wanted to write at a young age and was always filling journals with her thoughts and short stories. Brie started with the idea of Worshipped a year ago and with the encouragement of her husband and sister in law, she was able to write her first book. When she is not writing, you can find her reading a good book, painting, scrapbooking, or watching a good movie with her husband and her boxer.

Author Links:

Facebook Goodreads Amazon Website Twitter

Guard My Heart (Crystal Shores Book 2) by Terra Kelly

A Bookworm Review by Ana

Guard My Heart

Contemporary Romance

I give this book 5 stars!

Your past doesn’t define you…

Have a look at the blurb:

They call me, Player… but who am I really?

I’m a firefighter with a secret.

I moved to the small-town to escape my past.

Then she interrupted my plans.

The sexy baker’s infectious smile and homemade bread made me question my future.

I want to stop pretending…

…but if I share my past it could mean I risk a future with Anika.

Is that a risk I’m prepared to take?

Crystal Shores is a small-town romance series with recipes made by the characters in the back of the book. 



I was really needing this book to improve my horrible week.
It was one week from hell and I knew that this lady would help me out.
Terra Kelly has been a constant in my reading life and the more books I read from her, the more books I want.
Her writing is sweet and spicy and with some recipes into the mix.
Guard My Heart is her latest release and it’s the second book from the Crystal Shores series.
This new book explores the lives of Jackson and Anika.
Jackson is a firefighter with a huge reputation. Everyone knows him to be a player but appearances can deceive you.
Anika is a bread baker that really enjoys her work. She’s sweet and beautiful not only on the inside but also on the outside.
One encounter with Jackson and…
I couldn’t stop smiling from the moment this book ended.
It was sweet and beautiful and I couldn’t put it down.
Perfect plot, very well written, super engaging, and with a touch of hotness into the mix.
These two characters worked perfectly together and you could feel the love.
It was perfect to have news from Charlie. I missed her.
And of course, Eddie and Sarah.
It was one perfect book that you must read.
Terra, oh Sweet Terra…  You nailed it, like always.
And like always you left me wanting more.
Can’t wait for the next book.
  I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

A teaser:


About the Author:

Terra loves walking her dog, snuggling with her two cats, and relaxing with her amazing hubby. A steamy romance book is never far from her grasp, and 2:00 a.m. seems to be the sweet spot to finally put a book down and sleep. She laughs loudly, smiles often, is a bit of a klutz, and tries to always find the positive in everything.

Writing was not on the list of must-do’s for her career, but she always had stories swirling around her mind. Now, today she couldn’t imagine her life without writing. She enjoys writing when the mood strikes, and will stay up late to get all her thoughts out.

When she’s not writing, she’s creating recipes and learning all about bourbon and wine. Terra has had a food blog for over five years, at http://www.cafeterrablog.com. That’s why you will find recipes made by the characters in each of her books. Each recipe has been tested and devoured! She considers herself a bourbon and wine lover. Each book will express her love for both types of alcohol, along with beer thrown in the mix.

She loves hearing from her readers, please stop by one of her social sites and say hello!

Author Links:

Facebook Amazon Goodreads Website Twitter Instagram

Stay Right Here (Beachside Tavern Book 1) by Terra Kelly

A Bookworm Review by Ana

Stay Right Here

Contemporary Romance

I give this book 5 stars!

Love will always find you…

Have a look at the blurb:

Extra cheese with a side of Oliver, please.

Thanks to my ex, I’m finally going to take that much needed vacation.

My job doesn’t require an office. Top on my list for this getaway: the beach.

Not on the list: the H-O-T owner of the pizzeria.

My plans were easy. Write, soak up the sun, and drink a few of those girlie drinks with the little umbrella and a couple of cherries.

Then Oliver spun the pizza dough and flashed those turquoise eyes in my direction and I was lost.

Maybe it’s time for a new plan…

Beachside Tavern is a steamy romantic comedy short story series full of delicious food and so many laughs.

Bonus inside: two irresistible recipes.



This is one lady that can always put a smile on my face. From the moment that I have a new book from her, I’m on cloud nine.
It’s been like this for a couple of years 2and it’s always the same feeling.
Terra Kelly has that effect on me. Her writing is sweet and beautiful, hot, and spicy… Oh boy…
And let’s not forget the urge that I’m left after reading her book. The urge to bake and cook. That’s me.
Stay Right Here is her latest release and it’s the first book from the Beachside Tavern series.
This new book explores the lives of Ainslie and Oliver.
Ainslie needed a break from everything, so what better way than to go to the beach for a few days.
Being cheated on made some damage but nothing she can’t handle.
She needs to clear her head and find herself again.
One encounter and…
Oliver owns a pizzeria and loves it. He’s funny and everybody loved him.
One look at a customer and…
Perfect. Perfect in every way.
It was a light plot superb sweet and hot.
We have all the stuff that makes one book the perfect book.
The characters worked perfectly together and shared a great chemistry.
I’ve read this in one sitting. It was page one and then The End.
It was a short story that made me smile the whole time and drool…
You read it correctly… Drool because the recipes were mouth-watering…
I need to get into my kitchen… Just saying.
Perfect book Terra Kelly. Simple and stunning.
What’s next?
  I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

A Teaser:


About the Author:

Terra loves walking her dog, snuggling with her two cats, and relaxing with her amazing hubby. A steamy romance book is never far from her grasp, and 2:00 a.m. seems to be the sweet spot to finally put a book down and sleep. She laughs loudly, smiles often, is a bit of a klutz, and tries to always find the positive in everything.

Writing was not on the list of must-do’s for her career, but she always had stories swirling around her mind. Now, today she couldn’t imagine her life without writing. She enjoys writing when the mood strikes, and will stay up late to get all her thoughts out.

When she’s not writing, she’s creating recipes and learning all about bourbon and wine. Terra has had a food blog for over five years, at http://www.cafeterrablog.com. That’s why you will find recipes made by the characters in each of her books. Each recipe has been tested and devoured! She considers herself a bourbon and wine lover. Each book will express her love for both types of alcohol, along with beer thrown in the mix.

She loves hearing from her readers, please stop by one of her social sites and say hello!

Author Links:

Facebook Amazon Goodreads Website Twitter Instagram

The War: Bratva Blood Book 2 by S.R. Jones

A Bookworm Review by Ana

The War

Mafia Dark Romance

I give this book 5 stars!

Surrender and let love enter your life…

Have a look at the blurb:

I took her to protect her. To keep her safe.
Now she wants more.
She wants to claim my heart.
She says she will fight for me, for us.
Trouble is, I don’t know if I have anything left to give.

He took me to keep me safe.
My captor, my protector, my lover.
I want more. He’s a Bratva king, and every king needs his queen.
My heart is on the line, but I won’t give up the fight.
Love is war when it comes to the two of us, and this is one war I will win.

This is the final book in the Bratva Blood duet. Please be aware this is a dark romantic suspense and therefore trigger warnings do apply.



Nervous and anxious, these were the feeling that the arrival of this book evoked in me.
Nervous because I was imagining all the worst scenarios of things that might happen and anxious because the suspense always kills me.
Would I change a thing about it?
Nope, not a thing. I love Mafia books and I can’t get enough of them.
SR Jones knows how to write them. She’s feisty, raw, and a bit wild. Just the way I like it.
I’m always nagging her about wanting more and she’s a sweetheart.
The War is her latest release and it’s the second book of the Bratva Blood series.
But first things first, this book is not a standalone, therefore you must read the Prequel, The Soldier, Book one The King, and only then The War.
You must get ready because this series will knock you on your arse.
This book continues to explore the lives of Konstantin and Cassie.
As you already know, Konstantin is one raw man, used to have things done his way or no way.
One look at Cassie and he knows what he wants and needs from her. But…
If I thought that the first book was intense… After reading this one of changed my mind.
It was perfect to witness these two change so much.
Superb plot, very well written, super engaging, and intense.
It was perfect from the first page till The End appeared.
Once I started to read it, I couldn’t put it down. And once I needed to stop, I would see myself counting down the minutes to start reading again.
So much was happening that I needed to keep reading, and reading to find out what the hell was going to happen next.
It was a rollercoaster of emotions that’s for sure.
There were parts of the book that I saw myself wanting ting to slap someone silly… Jesus, stubborn much?
But then there were others that I wanted to hold them, to promise better days and a happy ending.
And guys… Hot stuff alert.
I really loved this series and I didn’t want it to end
Another masterpiece SR Jones. Another breathtaking story that melted my heart and panties, by the way.
Gimme Bohdan and Dasha, please. I need those two… So many questions lurking in the shadows…
I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

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Skye Jones

About the Author:

Hi Guys. I’m a UK based author who loves to read and write all things romance.

As Skye Jones I write steamy paranormal romance.

As S.R. Jones I write darker, contemporary romance and romantic suspense.

One thing my books have in common are tortured alpha heroes that are oh-so-redeemable!

I live in Yorkshire, and get lots of inspiration from the windswept moors, the old stone buildings and the Celtic myths of this fair isle.

My dogs are my favorite people, although I tell my husband I’m quite fond of him too 😉

I love chocolate and Starbuck’s Mochas and keep meaning to give them up for a life of yoga and fresh juices, but it never happens!

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Snake’s Rage: Road Warrior’s MC Book Two – Snake & Rory (Road Warrior’s Motorcycle Club 2) by Raven Featherwood

A Bookworm Review by Ana

Snake’s Rage

Contemporary MC Romance

I give this book 5 stars!

Don’t give up. Just fight…

Have a look at the blurb:


My mind is blown! All I needed was some damn help in the bar. Not more trouble in the form of a leggy sex kitten that made me lose my damn mind. If only Cat wasn’t still so fragile, I wouldn’t be needing another bartender. One minute I was wishing I had some help and the next this hot as hell redhead is dirty dancing on my bar with me.

Of course, I hired her. That sinfully delicious body, and those innocent eyes. Talk about standing at attention, every nerve in my body was aware of her. It may have been a bit over the top, what happened in my office while supposedly doing her new hire paperwork. But I couldn’t resist the pull. She possessed me as much as I possessed that tight body of hers. I need more of that, at least a little more, enough to get her out of my system.

I will never let a woman get to me, get inside my head, ever again. Besides, being a Road Warrior, I have all the women I want, I will never again let feelings for a woman dictate my actions. Not going there, no matter how hot she is or how my body aches for her.


I got the job! Let’s hope I keep it. Sleeping with the boss is never a good idea. But he is so hot and talk about put together. He has the most magnificent body; it just makes me ache to run my hands all over him.

I can’t believe it, a new job, and a hot man. Next, I’ll get an apartment, and see where this new relationship takes me. I hope back into his arms, I just need to touch him, kiss him, taste him. Yes, it’s time to move on, let the past go, live in the now.

Too bad my past doesn’t agree with my new outlook, and in fact it is about to intrude on my idyllic fantasy. See, my past, my rapists, are Road Warriors too.


His brothers and his club? Or the woman who is fast becoming the very reason his heart beats? As their pasts collide with their futures, will Rory and Snake be able to overcome and be together or will the pull of the past finally win out?

Snakes Rage_ebook


It’s been amazing to have the chance to meet new authors. Authors that wrote the genres that I adore. And this lady is one of them.
It only took one book for me to become addicted and left me wanting more.
Raven Featherwood is the author in question and her words will make you a fan. Just trust me. Her writing is raw and wild, dangerous, intense, and with some hot stuff into the mix…
Snakes Rage is her latest release and it’s the second book from the Road Warriors MC series.
This book explores the lives of Snake and Aurora.
Snake is one of the brothers. He is loyal and will do everything to protect them. His best friend and coworker Cat was abducted but is finally back home but just in presence because her mind is several miles away.
They work together at Rage, their MC bar, but he’s alone now. And what does she needs?
Aurora had her childhood marked by tragedy. Not only had she lost her momma but when time passed she lost so much more. Years had passed and now she needs to attend the university and graduate…
Perfect. This book was perfect in every way.
Amazing plot, well written, super engaging, and intense. Each chapter was even more engaging than the latest and I couldn’t put it down. Once I started to read it, so many questions surface, and the need to know more overcome my ability to stop.
Perfect characters, and you’ll see the bond they share.
One of the lessons that you can’t take from this book is that love works in mysterious ways. You might think that you can’t find your happiness or your way but you must look inside and see the light.
This book presented us with love, loyalty, family bonds, desire as well as crime, drama, punishment, and madness.
One minute I was melting with the hot scenes and the next I was melting with rage… Jeez… This author is trying to kill me…
Raven… Oh, Raven… This book is amazing. I loved the fact that the other characters made an appearance and I can’t wait for the next one.
I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

A Few Teasers:

Snakes Rage_teaser 1_final

Snakes Rage_teaser 2_final


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Forever My Own_ebook_final

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About the Author:

Life has a wonderful way of throwing you curve balls. Some are more traumatic than others, but all of them help to make you the person that you are this very day. My personal curve ball was starting over again, in my 50’s after being married most of my life and raising seven children.

As with any of life’s challenges, you make of it what you will, and I decided to once again, pick up the pen (or keyboard) and begin to write. It never ceases to amaze me how just giving free reign to these musings has allowed me to begin to heal my own heart, spirit, and mind.

My life is simple; while having a blast writing this series of books, I spend a lot of time hiking and walking the many parks and forests surrounding my new home in Fort Smith Arkansas. My dog Freya is a constant source of amusement, whether she is running scared from a deer in the forest (dragging me along) or swimming in the lake chasing sticks, she keeps me company. I am also blessed to live near several of my children and grandchildren which makes daily life exhilarating.

I often tell my friends and family that I don’t have multiple personalities, but I do have many interesting characters running around in my mind trying to break free and share their stories. I’ve decided to allow them to escape the confines of that limited space, and in doing so, share with you all their lives, loves, and ultimately their Happily Ever After.

I hope you enjoy the lives of the members of the Road Warrior’s Motorcycle Club. As they share with me their unique life stories, I will continue to share them with you.

Authors Links:

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