Bookworm is a place to let your love for the written word free, a place to connect with other bookworms and discuss books, meet authors and hopefully fall in love with a new book. We are a group of girls who connected over our love for reading and enjoy giving readers a safe place to let their love fly. (Be sure to check out the meet the team section and learn a little bit about who we are!) The heart of bookworm is our Facebook group, this is where it all began and where you can talk with each other and join in on discussions, author takeovers, and giveaways.

We also offer a couple of services to authors:

We believe in helping authors reach their dreams and doing our part in that. Any author part of bookworm is welcome schedule a takeover, offer a giveaway donation, or request reviews.

To request entry into our Featured Author Program (Link to Form), Authors will need to submit a book to be reviewed by two of our team members. Acceptance is granted with both reviews being 4 stars or higher. They will then be promoted on all of Bookworm’s social media:  Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, the blog and Facebook regularly.

Bookworm was created just over a year ago by Adrienne, and has boomed into something she could only dream of! With over 1500 members so far and climbing, she recruited some of her most trusted bookworms in order to not only help manage the group, but to also grow into something more. So together, with all of our individual knowledge and skills, we have formed a community dedicated to authors and readers alike to connect and discuss and most importantly, form friendships!

So please, check out our group and come introduce yourself! We can’t wait to meet you!


EMAIL: group.bookworm@gmail.com