Book Review: Until More, S. Van Horne-Happily Ever Alpha Kindle World

A37886489.jpgt twenty-two, Crystal Kopas didn’t know where her life was heading. Ghost writing romance stories for well-known authors isn’t an easy thing to do, especially when she couldn’t forget the one man who rocked her world. After moving to Hawaii, she thought she was finally getting her life on track. That is—until he showed up.

At twenty-five, Detective Vigo Conti decided it was time to take a vacation with his baby sister. After a grueling case that took everything out of him, he packed up Maddison and hit the beaches of Hawaii, praying to get his mind off the one woman who seemed to steal his heart when she disappeared after only one night together. He was finally starting to relax and enjoy his time with Mads uninterrupted. That is—until he sees her.

Without warning, disaster strikes and Conti vows he will do everything to get his family back. Because sometimes finding that special BOOM makes one cross lines never imagined.

Will Conti be able to save his family before it is too late?



This is a story about miscommunication and second chances. Crystal makes a mistake which then turns into Conti misunderstanding, and then they are no more. When they’re separated, each of them knows that something is wrong – they each feel the piece that is missing. Unfortunately, neither one is willing to make a move to end the separation. When fate finally steps in, will it be too late?

Kai! I miss reading about Kai. He seems to be one of the underrated characters in the series, and all his friends get the spotlight. Also, he lives in Hawaii, so let’s definitely spend more time with him-then I can imagine myself on the beach more often! Crystal is hiding out in Hawaii, when Conti makes an appearance. She wants to get the heck away from him, because it hurts too much, but unfortunately for her it’s hurting Conti too much to stay away.

I love second chances, mostly because they show that even if everything seems perfect and the person is your match, sometimes life and choices can postpone that meeting. What I loved most about this story was the addition of Maddison! She is such a sweet representation of an underrated group that doesn’t always get featured in stories. Crystal & Conti’s devotion to her is beautiful and I am beyond thrilled at her character!


Book Review: Until Rayne, Elle Christensen-Happily Ever Alpha Kindle World

39285415.jpgNick Stevenson is all about the rules. He’s khakis and polos, the boy next door, and certainly not a risk taker.

Rayne Summers hates rules. She’s leather and lace, a free spirit, living from one moment to the next.

When Rayne rolls into town, Nick suddenly discovers a new side of himself. He’d never believed in love at first sight and yet, BOOM! From the moment he saw her, he instantly knew Rayne was his and he would do anything to keep her by his side.


IMG-1600A rush of something dark ran through me like a freight train and almost knocked me on my ass. I’d never felt it before, but I instantly recognized it as possession. My hands balled into fists as I took in the lust-filled gazes from the crowd of men surrounding her. I wanted to shout that she was mine and use those fists to send every motherfucker there running in the opposite direction.

Nick. Finally.
I’ve wanted this man to get a story since I met him trying to take November from Asher (like that was ever going to happen … but still). I have to say, he was absolutely nothing like I pictured him from my initial encounter. I enjoyed all the layers that were Nick, especially since each of those layers seemed to be a contradiction to the others. In meeting Rayne, I think it was the first time even he was truly able to delve into himself and really decide who he is.

I’m a little undecided on Rayne. I loved her sass and quick wit, her free spirit and how she was able to peel away at Nick’s layers, but there was something about her that just didn’t click with me. I can’t quite put my finger on it, because there’s nothing inherently wrong with her, just on a personal level-I don’t think we connected. With all that, I do think she pushed Nick to get out of his comfort zone and allow himself to actually live a little more openly with exploring all the facets of himself.

A good read and I am so so so happy Nick finally got his boom!


Book Review: Until Kayla, C.C. Monroe-Happily Ever Alpha Kindle World

38911943.jpgKayla Mackey

I was ready to run from my loss and find something to make me breathe again.
I didn’t know it could happen. Until Jase.

Jase Riding

I felt desolate and alone when I lost the best part of me. I didn’t know where I would find someone to mend the broken parts in me. That was… Until Kayla.

We met, and with a brief hello and a hushed profanity, we were hooked.

I swear we heard thunder when our eyes met.
Boom. And our lives were changed forever.



“You taste like something I’ve been missing.”

“What have you been missing?”

“A fucking heartbeat.”

“You think this will only last tonight? You couldn’t be more wrong, Kayla.
This is just the fucking beginning. You’re mine.”

Another single dad!! Y’all are MAKING MY WEEK! And a delightfully adorable one, at that. Nothing is better than a devoted dad! I seriously fell in love with Jase as soon as I witnessed him interacting with his daughter. “‘Not possible, little one. I’m your protector.’ I stop tickling, and her laughs settle as she catches her breath. ‘And my protector you will always be,’ she whispers back to me what I taught her to always respond when I say that. That was the first daddy/daughter lesson I taught her when she really started to talk. It’s the words of my soul…” 

These two. I’m honestly not sure exactly how it happened, but I totally fell for this couple. They both had a little baggage, but finding each other actually provided an outlet to help heal each of them and allow them to move forward. This story has actually had some of the best quotes and I was seriously swooning at their conversation almost every other page!

“…Is it healed all the way yet?” she questions.
I take a deep breath and search her eyes, my hands tightening on her back. “Not until I met you,” I choke out, unable to believe I’m actually admitting this to her.
“I came here, because I was running from something. But then I met you, and I knew I wasn’t running. I was chasing. I was searching for you.”

Needless to say, now I have to go back and read about Kayla’s friend and her love connection, because I’m totally being absorbed into ALL the worlds that are crossing over into the Until world! Have I mentioned, yet, how much I’m loving this world?


Book Review: Until I Saw You, Jordan Marie-Happily Ever Alpha Kindle World

39018495.jpgAt first glance, I knew you were mine.
Your smile captured me and refused to let me go.
I’m too dirty to touch you; too tainted from my past.

You deserve better.

But you’re the one thing I can’t run from.
I thought love wasn’t for me.
I was prepared to walk this world alone.

Until I Saw You.



IMG-1601“When did you know miracles existed, Mouse?”

“I didn’t, Allen,” she answers, leaning up to look at me, her eyes wide open now and staring at me with so much emotion they glow. “I had no idea,” she says. “Not until I saw you.”

Stories like this are some of my favorites! I love when characters who don’t feel worthy FINALLY get to see themselves through another person’s eyes. Allen was just that guy. The moment he walked into the scene, I just knew he was one of those guys I would love. Guess what? I totally did.

Unfortunately, since this is a novella, I didn’t get as much of the backstory as I would’ve liked, but I got enough to know that I was rooting for Allen to find his happily ever after. His past isn’t pretty, that’s for sure, but getting to see him with his family it was blatantly obvious his life was on a different course.

Jessie was a little timid for my liking, but it totally suited her. She wasn’t spineless, just a little less outspoken than I can connect with. She was really a lovely woman, and beyond a doubt perfect for Allen. What I loved was that she didn’t rush her choices or timeline according to anyone else. She was content in settling her own mind in her own time.

Also, I love Roman & Ana! I really  hope this character’s have their own story, because I am totally looking it up after this!


Book Review: Until You, Samantha Lind-Happily Ever Alpha Kindle World

38954645Cameron Burgress was ready for a new start.

New city, new job, and maybe one day, a new love. She just didn’t realize how quickly that could all happen until she walked into a tattoo shop, finally ready to get the ink she’d wanted since her fiancé died, nearly four years ago.

Ethan O’Neill had everything. Until one day, he didn’t.

After an off-ice injury stripped him of his hockey career, he started over in life, pursuing his other passion—tattoos. He’d never been the kind of guy to want to settle down, but that all changed one day, when a knock-out beauty strolled into his shop and into his life.

An instant attraction and a little bit of ink is the perfect mix for two people ready for change.


IMG-1601Cam steps onto the scene in a new city, just starting a new job, and carrying some pretty hefty sadness. When dealing with that sadness leads her to a tattoo parlor, she finds that this new place may offer a few new experiences she hadn’t counted on.

Ehtan has faced his own struggles, but in seeing Cam he knows she’s his. Fortunately, Ethan is a truly understanding guy, allowing Cam to move at her own pace as she attempts to move forward.

Have I mentioned how much I hate that these are so short! It’s like I get a small taste of these characters, and then I just have to let them go. I want more!!

Book Review: Until the Summer, Elle Jefferson-Happily Ever Alpha Kindle World


When Natalie Quimby started working as a third grade teacher she vowed to shed her socialite skin for good. And things were going great.

Enter tall, dark and handsome August Huffman. He’s everything Natalie wants in a man. There’s just one problem, he’s the father of one of her students.

Will Natalie finally find love, or is she doomed to repeat past mistakes?




A teacher romance? Yes, please!


Being a teacher, anytime I encounter a story that features a lady who is a teacher I always hope beyond hope that will be the tale of my life …

Natalie is a teacher who is worried about one of her students, but when she attempts to discuss the issue with his mother, his father attends instead. She’s attracted to August on the spot, but knows that the well-being of her student and career are more important, so she tries to keep those feelings at bay.

August feels the same, but when Natalie finds out a secret, August now has a connection to Natalie that helps him to keep her close.

There was a little drama with the ex-wife, but that didn’t seem to develop much. I was a little disappointed in that part, because I was hoping that since it was mentioned, there would be enough time to partially develop it into something more substantial. Novellas are tricky, though, and sometimes there’s just not room for everything you want!

Another sweet, quick boom for the Until world!


Book Review: Until Brandon, Natasha Madison-Happily Ever Alpha Kindle World

Anytime I heard someone speak of the boom, I laughed.
Surely only crazy people believe they can fall in love as soon as they lay eyes on someone.
I thought it was all in their heads until the moment she walked into my office asking for a job.
The instant my gaze locked with hers, I knew she was mine, and I would do anything in my power to protect her.

I never thought I would be applying for a job at a strip club, yet there I was.
When the stunning owner offered me a job, I thought taking off my clothes would be the most nerve wracking thing.
When I walked in the next morning, I found out I wouldn’t be stripping, I’d be working side by side with him.
It doesn’t make sense for a man like him to desire a woman like me—a woman with baggage and a past.

One phone call changes everything and I’m forced to realize that until Brandon, I might have had it hard, but with him I will have it all.


IMG-1601If I thought I was a goner just by looking at her, the minute her eyes meet mine…I see it. I feel it. Mine. I don’t know how I know, but fuck, I’ve heard my family all discuss the boom. Every single one of them succumbing to this boom. At first I didn’t think I would get it, but now?
Now, I fucking see it.

How is it that every story in this world just keeps getting better? I remember meeting Brandon in a Christmas novella sometime back, but we didn’t know all too much about him. Here, he’s running Teasers when he meets Aurora. She needs a job, desperately, and when Brandon sees her…well, let’s just say she’s getting whatever she needs from him.

This story gave me all the feels. There’s a bit of intrigue that I wasn’t expecting, and we get to meet up with Nico, Kenton, and basically the whole clan makes a cameo! Aurora is very independent, and has been taking care of her sister. As she begins to see that Brandon isn’t taking no for an answer, she finally begins to realize what beauty she could actually have.

I would listen to my brother in law and his brothers all discuss their boom. How, when it it happens, it just happens, and you have no control over it, It just kicks you in the ass. I thought they were joking; I though they were exaggerating.

Then she walked into my office and my world tilted, my heart finally starting beating with a purpose, and that purpose was her.

The more I read, the more I want to be a part of this world.


Book Review: Until Arsen, K.L. Donn-Happily Ever Alpha Kindle World



Love is a novel creature.
Mysterious, heart pounding, like smoke on the wind.
We find it, only to lose it.
Until Arsen Daniels…
Marina Parks didn’t think she’d ever have it.



IMG-1601“You ever see something you want and decide to go for it?”

“Umm, well I bought this car.” I say, not sure where he’s going with this. The way he bites the side of his lip draws my attention there. I have tunnel vision where he’s concerned it seems, and his face feels closer.

“You got the car’ I want the girl,” he murmurs before our lips touch.

Let’s start with that blurb, shall we? GAH! Can you say frustrating?! How much more mysterious could she get?! Turns out, though, it’s actually kind of perfect.

I’m in love with Arsen. I’m just going to say that now, and get it out there into the universe. So if she, the universe that is, could conjure me up one of those, I’d be eternally grateful. Arsen is just as feeling as he is strong. When you look at him, all you see, initially, is strength, but when you’re able to see past that – he is probably one of the most feeling male characters I’ve read.

Marina. My heart broke for her. She has dealt with such heartbreaking pain, and I can’t even imagine how I’d be move forward with my life after that. I can completely understand why she is so guarded and keeps to herself. When she meets Arsen, I just knew he was exactly what she needed.

This story had a lot of depth for a novella, and I am so happy I read it.
Also, that ending …<3


Book Review: Until Nox, Layal Frost-Happily Ever Alpha Kindle World

37844826Not all heroes are good guys.

With a body count on his soul and blood on his hands, Killian Nox lived in the gray. Ruthlessly single-minded, if he wanted something, it was his. And when it came to the gorgeous lass with a fiery attitude, he didn’t just want her.

He needed her.

With southern-bred manners and a snark all her own, Augusta ‘Gus’ Allan was a connoisseur of cheap wine, delicious Mexican food, and good TV. Unfortunately, her taste in men wasn’t as well-developed. When her knight in shining armor turned out to be a douche in tinfoil, Gus never expected her real hero to be a sexy-accented, tattooed beast of a man.

But he was exactly who she needed.

Gus had no clue how comforting a monster in the dark could be…

Until Nox.

Warning: Recommended for readers 18+ due to awesome things like adult content and language… wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

This Happily Ever Alpha Kindle World novella is a crossover of The Hyde Series and Aurora Rose Reynolds’ Until Series. It features glimpses of familiar faces from Hyde and Seek, Best Kase Scenario, and Until November. However, it can be enjoyed as a standalone.


IMG-1601“Never said it to or thought it about anyone in my life. My dad used to call my ma ‘a chuisle,’ which is like dear or darling. You’re not my darling. You’re mo chuisle. My pulse.”

He dropped his forehead to mine. “I might be the monster in the dark, but I’ll live and fookin’ die to  make you happy, mo chuisle.”

Dear Lord, Nox… He saunters right in there with his tattoos and his swagger and his ACCENT. Goodness me, Layla had me swooning at 5%!

From the minute Gus discovers her knight is a douche, I knew we were soulmates. She’s my book best friend – Mexican food & cheap wine? Uh, yes! I loved that she totally stood up for herself and dealt with her situation, but still clings to her Southern manners. Also, her meema is hilarious! She’s got more spunk in her than most young people!

Nox. I actually really love the description from the blurb that he “lives in the gray.” These characters are my favorite. They’re not good, they’re not bad, but rather they’re just living by what they feel is right, even if it’s outside the law. I’ve never read any of Hyde series, but I think I may need to.

I loved the Until connection in this one! My favorite stories are the ones that are interconnected, but individual, so this series is seriously giving me all the feels right now. Another beyond fantastic addition in this series.


Book Review: Until Sunrise, Sarah O’Rourke-Happily Ever Alpha Kindle World

38907969Michelle Buchanan wasn’t looking for the perfect man to fill her life.  She’d settle for Mr. Right Now to fill the empty spot in her bed – just someone that could help her with the little problem of her lingering virginity.  But when Luka Templeton invaded her blind date and suddenly begins taking over her every waking thought, she realizes that she is in way too deep with the confident alpha male currently wreaking havoc on her life.

Romantic comedy.  (And if you’ve read Aurora’s Until series, you’ll know Chelle from Until Ashlyn!)


IMG-1601“Is there any chance you could just, you know, delete the past ninety seconds from your mind?”

“Not a chance, babe,” he denied with a shake of his dark head.

“Why?” I whined as I fought the desire to bang my head against the expertly laid table in front of me. Luka winked.

“Because, gorgeous, you’re the best kind of trouble to hit my life in a long time.”

MICHELLE & LUKA! I love, love, love when secondary characters finally get their story! I am so beyond happy that Luka is part of the BOOM!

From the mention of Luka before, I knew he had to be an alpha to roll with the guys from the Until world, but woo! That man! I can’t believe just how much I swooned for him. I think I highlighted half of what he said because it was just so … right. I totally adore the insta-love that the boom represents, but sometimes it can be too much for me. Luka had that insta-love attitude that I thought would get on my nerves, but surprisingly didn’t.

Michelle…now, when I met her in Until Ashlyn, I liked her! Let me be the first to say I 100% understand, and have my own, insecurities regarding males because of a past negative experience (or 5). Chelle had her own, as well, but there were a lot of times she was just … too much. I admire her independence, sarcasm skills, and her ability to turn a phrase — she would definitely make an amazing bestie, but there were times I felt she took her evasion of Luka a bit too far. I’d say, though, Luka didn’t mind so much. “Christ, baby, you gotta know I’m totally gone for you, but you are quickly becoming a huge pain in my ass. You’re damn lucky that resting bitch face you’re wearing right now makes me hard as a rock.

All in all, these two seemed perfectly paired.

And what is it exactly that you want from me?” I questioned weakly,
lifting one eyebrow as I stared at him with guarded eyes.
“Everything, Michelle. I want every-fucking-thing from you.”

I genuinely can’t believe how much I’m liking all of these stories. I was so worried that something wouldn’t be right, but … everything just is  ❤