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The Admins:


Hello, all! I’m Adrienne–Addi to my closest friends. I’m a kitty-momma to a lovely 16 pound Ragdoll/Snowshoe mix.

I’m a book-hoarder, which means I continue to buy more books than I know I’ll ever be able to read. Still, books are devoured when I’m around! I love the Romance/Erotica, Paranormal, Horror, and Young Adult genres. As of late, I am also finishing up my first Paranormal Romance novel.

You can stalk me on Twitter, Instagram, and GoodReads.

Hi guys, I’m Soph! I’m 26, an Aussie, a student, a
wife, a mummy to a gorgeous border collie fur baby, a reader and a blogger at Twisted Obsession. 13224336_1239187016121879_235264773_o
I love reading, mostly romance and erotica, my favorites are usually on the darker side of romance, but I do enjoy taking a break from all the love and sexiness and diving into a good thriller, mystery, suspense, or action-packed book.
I’m totally addicted to the rush of reading a new book, discovering a new author, falling in love all over again with a favorite author. The thrill of living a different life between the pages for a few hours. The high of falling in love, every single day. I love blogging, I love knowing that I am part of something that helps authors get their names out there and their books into the hands of readers.


Hi, I’m Ana, I’m married with a 6 year old Boy and I live in Portugal. I work as a receptionist at a Private Hospital and love animals. I only started in this amazing book world over 1 year now, I was hooked after reading Fifty Shades of Grey and then I couldn’t stop the urge to read. Thank god they invented E-books because I hate the smell of new books, don’t tell anyone, lol.

I made a promise to always leave a review of each and every book I read because to me that’s a way to thank the authors for their amazing work and to help promote their books. I have met amazing authors, I’ve read amazing books and my TBR list is getting bigger and bigger. I love to read New Adult Romance, Erotica, Young Adult Romance, romance, BDSM but I’m open to other genres of books.

I leave you with my Amazon, GoodReads and Facebook  for you to check out my reviews.


Hi I’m Maria! I’m married to my high school sweetheart, have two amazing kiddies
(Boy & Girl) , and two sweet fur babies (Christopher Cat & Zeus Bear (Shar Pei)).

I work full time in Sales Operations and run my own makeup business. I’m an avid reader, hopeless romantic and love getting lost in romance novels & erotica. I love a good book where I feel connected to the characters and they become real to me!

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The Reviewers:


“Hello. My name is Jazmyne, and I’m a bookaholic.”

No, but seriously, I am.

I love books.

I remember when my mom was trying to teach me to read. I was HORRIBLE. My grandma swore she was never, ever helping with something like that again! Until, one day, it clicked. I figured out that all those obnoxious sounds, letter combinations, and annoying repetition lead to words. Words that created mystery, fantasy, and some of the greatest stories I’ve ever experienced. There was absolutely no stopping me after that.

As I grew up, that love never faltered. Books offered me a place of escape, adventure, and a way to experience life in a way I’d probably never have the chance. I could be a princess, a pirate, lost in a jungle, or a young wizard. Even now, every time I open a book I get to become a part of a brand new world. No matter the genre or the story, I find that there is a piece of myself gained and lost – I learn something from every story and a little piece of my heart stays there with the characters.

But me? I’m a teacher of middle school aged children. I spend most days arguing about whether knowing the parts of speech is important for real life, reminding students to put their names on papers, and telling my 8th graders that they’re not quite grown up yet. I live in an apartment, my favorite drink is Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade Kool-Aid, and I may have a slight obsession with LuLaRoe.

Hi guys! My name is Avery, I’m 18 years old, and I’m a mermaid. …OKAY FINE NOT REALLY. But if I were a mermaid, that’d be pretty cool.13271662_1242160262491221_441272481_o

When I’m not devouring books you can find me playing video games, watching anime, writing my own novels, drawing, painting, playing guitar, or geeking out on Coursera. My best friend in the world is my vertically challenged longhaired Dachshund, Cooper. I guess to assert myself as a geek master, it should be known that I’ve written two novels that will never see the light of day if I can help it, I’m the highest scoring Quiz Bowler in the history of my school, and I have an intense obsession with Pokemon (I’M GONNA BE THE VERY BEST, LIKE NO ONE EVER WASSSS).

Recently, I’ve also started my own book blog! I’d so appreciate it if you’d give me a like on Facebook and check me out on my blog if you like what I do, even though everything’s still a work in progress. I look forward to sharing my love of reading and feeding yours!

Hey!13278094_1243804748993439_337932451_n I’m Courtney and I have proclaimed myself the Devourer of Books—seriously, I rival Teddy Roosevelt’s book-a-day habit! And, no I don’t actually eat my books. Yes, I did have come cray-cray person ask me about that once, so I’ll go ahead and put that out there. Anyway, I love a lot of different genres, basically as long as it’s not riddled with editing errors, grotesque amounts of violence just for the sake of violence, or non-fiction, I’ll read it. (Not saying I don’t read non-fiction, I’m just a lot pickier about which ones I read)

Umm, what else is there? I’m a wife to an awesome craddle-robber, erm, I mean man. I’m mommy to a 7-year old that I affectionately refer to as “monster.” I’m an artist working hard to get my name out there. I’m a blogger too, find me over at The Violent Vixen. I also frequent Facebook and Pinterest, and not so frequently Instagram and Twitter.

13313767_1245361942171053_640897960_o Hiya all!

I am married with 2 children aged 10 and 7. They are my world. I am a keen reader, though I am not into horror or sci-fi–I can read most genres.

I have been reviewing for the past 3 years for many different authors, which has helped me develop a great relationship with them.

You can keep up with me on GoodReads.