Book Review: Bestie


**Contains Adult Themes – This book can be read as a standalone**

The universe works in mysterious ways.

Well, it did for me, anyway.

It was like it knew that I needed him.

It put him in my life during a time I honestly thought I couldn’t go on.

He was broken. I was broken.

We only had one thing to offer each other – friendship.

A true, deep, incredible friendship.

Laughter fixed us.

Talking bonded us.

He quickly became my everything.

This is our story.

I can’t promise it’s always perfect.

It might make you laugh.

It might make you cry.

It might even make you love.

It’s real.

It’s us. Besties.


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Love is an asshole like that. Sometimes people can do horrible things to you, and you would still be willing to overlook it if you could just have them in your life once more.

Molly’s suffered a broken heart. How many of us can say the same? That all-encompassing, life altering shatter of what we once knew to be our life. In that moment, we are certain that things can never be different — the pain that is shrouding us can never dissipate. Real. True. Heartbreak. I’ve felt it. I’ve also felt within it, that stirring of hope that resides deep within us and lets us believe that other person really isn’t the terrible dope they have acted like. The feelings here are so real and explained so perfectly, for me.

In the story, Molly and Roman are both recovering from one of those life altering breakups, each for different reasons. Both are dealing with a life void of a person who has been the center of it for quite a while As annoyed as I was at certain moments in this story, I couldn’t believe how accurate Bella was describing some of my own feelings in these characters. Nothing in a relationship is cut & dry or black & white. In this relationship of besties, they truly run the gamut of emotions, all of which seem valid in the situation. Saying this, they did annoy me at times. I wanted to slap a little backbone in Roman and open up his eyes, while I wanted to shake Molly and give her the right words to say. But this is friendship, life, love … it’s totally messy.

A lot of people are probably going to read this story and expect the signature angst that accompanies Bella’s MC. This story is different, but no less important. I found the relationship represented by Molly and Roman to actually be beautiful. While it did seem a bit rushed and a little awkwardly formed, I feel like sometimes relationships just happen that way. Through the whole story, though, their relationship seemed genuine. This was a story about breaking; losing all of your pieces and not knowing how, or if you even want, to pick them up again. It’s a story about healing your wounds by helping someone else. And more even than that, it’s about the kind of love that forms when you share ALL of you with someone else.

Do I miss the angsty Jokers Wrath guys and gals? You betcha!

Do I think this story measures up to the other Bella Jewel works?

Do I think some people are going to be left unsatisfied? Unfortunately.

Go into this story with NO expectations or preconceived notions. Let the characters take you on their story. Be annoyed. Get mad. Roll your eyes. Yell at the characters. But whatever you do, listen to their story & let them teach you how to find healing through laughter and create a life past the destruction of your heart.


Book Review: Amore

 “It is not love that defines us, Julietta. It is love that destroys us.”

I’m just a normal girl.

Or so you would think.
I’ve never thought of myself as anything different.
Until I met him.
He doesn’t think I’m normal.
He thinks I’m special.
Special enough to be in his life.
Special enough to enter his world.
Special enough for his bed.
Rafael Lencioni. Dangerous. Beautiful. Terrifying.
My story is the one that’s never told.
I’m not the daughter.
I’m not the wife.
I’m not a sister or a mother.
I’m not his enemy and I’m not his friend.
I’m not who you think I am.
So for me to fit into their world, I have to do something I never wanted in my life.
Something I would have frowned upon until I met him.
I have to change who I am.
I have to shut down my heart.
I have to accept my place.
My body belongs to him.
My heart isn’t permitted to.
Those are his rules.
But rules were made to be broken…right?




“I stare into eyes. Rafael Lencioni’s soulless, perfect, brown eyes.”

This book was something new for me. I’ve never been a reader who enjoys reading about cheating in any form, and it has often been a situation which has caused me to put down a book. But the idea of delving into the world of the Mafia … I couldn’t resist. The perspective of this book was unique as well.

We meet Julietta, an everyday girl who works as a nurse, and goes out to have a good time. In going out she meets Rafael, a man who not only owns the club, but is an influential leader in the local mob organization. He offers Julietta a place in this world, his world, but at a price …

This story explores a side of romance which is often left out, the concept of a mistress. Most would look at this woman through eyes of judgment and dismiss her as simply being a whore. But, could there ever be more to it than that? This story explores the idea of a mistress, not in a secretive & degrading way, but as a necessary position in the order of a society. The mafia does not exist on the same rules as the “normal” world, and in order to secure respect in your position there are many tasks which you must complete. One of these, as a man, is to secure a mistress.

Throughout the story you are introduced to multiple complex characters. Although at times I found myself judging the characters for their choices/actions, in their situations, I’m not certain what I’d have done. Feelings swirl around under the surface of each character causing them to make choices, sacrifices, and even life changes they would normally NOT be making.

Overall the book had an interesting perspective. It brought to light the complexity of human interaction and well as the depth of emotion. The story introduces a tangled web of character decisions which began decades before we meet these characters. The stage was being set and now we must watch how these choices play out through the entire set of characters.

Fleeting Moments: A Review

Fleeting Moments Ebook Cover.jpgOne single moment changes everything
In one breath, you can have it all
A split-second later, it can all disappear
Vanished forever

 That was me
I had it all
Then in a cruel twist of fate, it was taken from me
A beautiful life gone in a flash

 But he was there
He was there to pick me up when I fell
To protect me
My savior. My rock.

 He was just a stranger
Just a selfless stranger with a face I’ll never forget
Can’t forget
Won’t forget

 And like everything else, he just disappeared
As if he never existed
I have to find him
need to find him

He has to know that he saved me

 He has to know that in that one fleeting moment, he was all I could see


My Review 2

The events of the first chapters are so relevant, so unexpected, and completely life altering. I cannot imagine how I would react not only within these moments, but following.

How do you go back to the life you lived before? How do you look people in the eye that have no idea what surviving meant? How can you trust the people you love when they don’t stand by you?

My initial reaction to Lucy comes in two parts.

  1. I cannot imagine what it feels like for her-both involving the events she encountered and the personal ones following. I have no words, no emotions, nothing to convey or understand.
  2. Even with the above, Lucy sincerely aggravated me. I don’t want to give any surprises away, but she was asked, repeatedly, to follow some specific instructions. She ignored that and kept trying to prove her point to those around her. Now, let’s remember I don’t know what it would be like to be in her situation, but if she could have listened to the advice given to her (not by those people who didn’t have her back, but by this person), then I feel she could’ve alleviated some stress within her family.

That being said, those were my initial reactions … There’s more to the story.

The main characters in the story discover each other through moments-small measures of time which often mean nothing, but to them mean everything. The story itself (which I’m not going to give away), is interesting. There are multiple variables in this story, and many intertwine and overlap. I really enjoyed the way the story wove itself around the characters.

And, Heath … LOVE! There were so many moments he made me swoon throughout the story. He’s definitely not perfect; in fact, there were a couple of times I wanted to shake some sense into him! But ultimately he was a man who gave himself, and his heart, fully. Also, there were some pretty steamy scenes … and Heath definitely wins there too 😉

Even with my frustrations at some choices by the characters, I enjoyed the story a lot.

And I’m telling you right now, it’s not what you were expecting!

It’s simple, Lucy girl,” he says, reaching over and taking my hand.
“We create more moments. A lifetime of them.”

4 star doodle

Releases July 19!

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